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NYIP Contest Watch

NYIP's Contest Watch provides information on international, national and regional photo contests that you might want to enter. Here are the lastest photography contests to check out:

2011 World Press Photo Contest
If you're a professional photojournalist and can provide proof of such, then you may want to consider entering the 2011 World Press Photo Contest.You'll need to act fast as the deadline to submit your images is January 17. You'll also need to carefully check the rules to see if your photos qualify, but if they do, you might win 10,000 Euros, a Canon Camera plus an all expense paid trip to Amsterdam. The contest jury comprises 19 picture editors, photographers and representatives of press agencies from different parts of the world. Categories include Spot News, General News,People in the News, Sports, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Portraits, Arts and Entertainment, and  Nature.year. The contest jury comprises 19 picture editors, photographers and representatives of press agencies from different parts of the world.

Renaissance Photography Prize 2011
The Renaissance Photography Prize 2011 is an international photography competition that raises money for a great cause, The Lavender Trust. All funds raised go to support breast cancer, and which culminates in a one week exhibition and celebrity private view at the prestigious Mall Galleries, London. Categories include Environment, Expression, Shape/Form, Motion and Time. Prizes include £3,000 ($,4800), a Fuji medium format film camera and additional cash prizes. Judges for this year's competition include photojournalist and music photographer Brian Aris; Philippe Garner, Senior Director of Christie’s auction house who specializes in photographs, Michael Hoppen,  a professional photographer and owner of the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London; Brigitte Lardinois who works for Magnum Photos; and Rhonda Wilson, a graphic designer and writer, photographer and author. The deadline is January 17, 2011.

For tips on how to enter and win photo contests, check out's Contest Tip Collection.


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