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NYIP Contest Watch

NYIP's Contest Watch provides information on international, national and regional photo contests that you might want to enter. Here are the latest photography contests to check out:

The World We Live In 2011 Photo Contest

Canada's Photo Life and Photo Solutions magazines are running this contest open to Canadian and U.S. residents. Enter as either a pro or amateur  into one of the contest's three themes: Humanity, The Environment, or Our Interconnected World and you could take home your share of $35,000 dollars in prizes. The goal of the contest is to "invite photographers from all walks of life to capture images of people, cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes as well as environmental statements, and to share with us their vision of the world." There are fees and you'll need to enter your images by November 30th.

Tamron's "My Macro Exhibit" Photo Contest

If you shoot with Tamron lenses and macro photography is your thing, then you might want to consider entering this contest. It's a little bit different than most contests - you'll need to build a virtual exhibit of 8-14 of your macro photographs in order to enter. Winners will be judged on the body of their work and you could win one of four Tamron lenses, plus have your work featured on the Tamron website and newsletter. Get your entries in by December 31st.

2011 National Geographic Photography Contest

The prizes are huge and the competition is fierce (16,000 entries from 130 countries last year!) for this top contest. After all, who wouldn't want their pictures to appear in National Geographic Magazine? If that's your dream then submit your images to them by November 30th. The categories are People, Places and Nature. There are very specific eligibility requirements so make sure you take a good look at the rules. The Grand Prize winner will receive US$7,500 and a trip to the District of Columbia, USA from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, 2012 to participate in the National Geographic Photography Seminar. There's a $15 entry fee per image.

Pillsbury People Celebrate More Photo Contest

Submit a photo that depicts a family celebration and you could win a $10,000 family vacation to Celebration, Florida. "We hope to inspire families nationwide to celebrate their memorable milestones with homemade desserts and share their sweetest baking moments with us," says Pillsbury. You'll need to caption your photo and enter it by November 30th.

The 4th Annual Global Travel Photo Contest

This year, PLANET Magazine's photo contest features two categories: General Travel and Portrait. According to the magazine, their ongoing "theme is ‘Many Worlds, One Planet’, and we’d like to ask photographers to not only capture defining images of a particular place but to also consider the people, lifestyles, and subcultures of the places they document; a powerful portrait or image of a gathering can equally reveal the depth and mystery of the travel experience." If you've got a photo that meets that goal, hurry and enter the contest by October 31st. Two top winners will receive a round-the-world ticket (or $1500 cash), with a minimum 12-image portfolio from your trip to be published upon your return. Plus, the top ten contestants will have the opportunity to have their image shown in a special gallery exhibit and opening event at New York City's Clic Gallery in Soho. There's a $20 entry fee per image.

For tips on how to enter and win photo contests, check out's Contest Tip Collection.


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