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NYIP Holiday Photo Course Giveaway Winner Delton Maddox

On November 1st we announced a special contest on Facebook, offering 1 lucky person the opportunity to win a full scholarship to our Complete Course in Professional Photography. We received 27 video submissions from people all over the world, telling us how much they want to take our course. And yesterday, we chose a winner at random from those entries.

The winner, Delton Maddox. Though we chose at random, Delton could have easily won if it was all about humor and sincerity.

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in this contest. It’s your gift to us this holiday season, letting us know that you appreciate and desire the type of photography education that we offer. You all deserved to win.

Mr. Maddox’s video submission, along with several others that we were fond of, appears below

The winner (selected at random):

The blogger:

The Poet!

The fan favorite:

To view all the amazing submissions we received, you can still visit the contest page, here. Thanks again to all our entrants!

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