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A Very Animated Oscars

For all you photographers who are toying with turning your sights to animation, you need look no further for inspiration than the list of finalists for the Oscars in the animated shorts category . If you're in New York City, you can see all the finalists and two films that received a special commendation at the IFC Center through Thursday, the 24th. Then you can vote for your choices online, and tune in to the Academy Awards on Sunday, the 27th to see if your favorites win.

(image from "The Lost Thing," by Shaun Tan)

Some of the films are magical explorations of imaginary lands and universal human emotions, such as the Australian entry, The Lost Thing, with delightful drawings. One film, Madagascar: Carnet de Voyage, by Bastien Dubois, is about the very real place, with super-mobile animation of gorgeous water colors. Each film shows off yet another way that animation can bring film to life.


 (image from "Madagascar: Carnet de Voyage" by Bastien Dubois)

For more about the films being shown at IFC, take a look at the IFC site, where you'll find synopses as well as showtimes.



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