NYIP offers three distance education multi-media courses for photographers looking to improve their skills while working from home at their own pace.

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Your NYIP Testimonials on Twitter, Thank You!

On Monday 2/7 we asked a simple question.  "How has NYIP helped your career?"  The responses came streaming in with all kinds of exciting success stories from photographers at various stages of their career.  We thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of the NYIP community and the Twitterverse.  Below are some of the replies.


@FragosTech 50 yrs ago #NYIP taught me technical the skills that served me from my 4x5 Graflex days through my Leica 35mm days to todays digital world.

@meganilertsen   #nyip has given me the confidence to START my career. I'm planning for my new business & gaining as much experience as possible!

@ksmiddle1   With tips and tools and foot in the door applications, #NYIP has provided opportunities to soar in my career. I am grateful!

@o2vportsea   #NYIP has helped me confidently start my own photography business Thanks NYIP... X

@TanyaDeLeeuw   #NYIP As a "mature student", NYIP's pro course will enable me to hit the ground running as I switch horses midstream, career-wise! Thanks!

@lucbus   It has helped me improve the general quality of my photos #nyip

@wemakos  #NYIP fills the gaps of my knowledge in photography

@JavonL   @nyip won over 20 international awards. Been interviewed by mags and television. Could not have done this without my education from #NYIP.

@photographybyh  #NYIP has helped be gain more skills, a few clients and helped me bring things to the next level.

@koolmotee   @nyip if nothing else, #NYIP has inspired me to take my passion to new's no longer "just a hobby"

@prettywomankts   #NYIP Your professional pro-course made me WANT a career in photography & now I'm going after it~ Thank YOU !

@arb7184  @nyip has helped my career by motivating me to get my photos out there, to the world to be seen!

@Ph0t0chyck   @NYIP #NYIP helped me to learn skills for marketing my business and tips on how to take better pictures. :)

@karenzand  #NYIP helped my career giving me a solid start with an excellent education... I haven't finished my course but loving everything about it!

@rawr81itssarah  NYIP has helped me more fully understand the history and the technical side of photography #NYIP


And finally @DBDragon004 who won the NYIP Hoodie for her reply. "The #NYIP course that i am taking has given me the confidence that I was lacking to finally open my own studio!"


Thanks to all who participated!

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