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Photo Challenge Winner: Eric Roseberry - Army Pride

Congratulations to NYI Student Eric Roseberry for his winning photo seen below. We asked Eric to tell us a little about how he created this image.  Here's what he had to say:

"This is my son Private Johnathan Roseberry the evening prior to his graduation from basic military training. I wanted to convey a sense of pride in my son, and my belief that his choice to serve is heroic. The classic superman pose and low angle is intended to enhance that feel. The Infantry museum at Fort Benning offers a patriotic setting with a fine display of the flags of the 50 states. I used the flags to direct and hold attention on my son and used a narrow depth of field to limit their potential as a distraction.

Select a subject, draw attention to the subject with size and location in the frame. Eliminate unnecessary elements that draw attention away from that subject.

Camera Settings: 1/640 F4 ISO 200 80 - 200 MM @ 80 mm"



We thank Johnathan, and all members of the military for their service. We will be sending Eric a number of terrific photography books from the NYIP library for his prize.

Thanks to all who participated!


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great article i love anything military i live and breathe military im glad some one shares my interests great pictures
April 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterblazer badges
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