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Lit Portraits in Super Duper Bathrooms

Photo: Patrick Cavan Brown

It's not every day that a photographer is given the assignment to shoot lit portraits in a series of fantasy bathrooms, but that was just one interesting episode out of the life of Weaverville, NC photographer Patrick Cavan Brown.

This was a most unusual assignment, photographing in the themed rooms at Super Duper Publishing (click on the link to take video tours around their Greenville, SC headquarters, called the Super Duper Castle). Here's how the photographer describes his approach to the job.

Shooting in bathrooms presents certain logistical challenges . . . the first is size. These were not large bathrooms like you would find in a typical office building, but rather small ones like you would find in an apartment building. The second? Mirrors mirrors everywhere! Put the two together, small rooms with lots of mirrors, and you’ve got yourself a good old-fashioned fashion headache . . . but solving problems is what we do, and what sometimes makes it fun.

As logistical solutions, I used boom arms reaching through doorways, light stands tucked into corners and behind doors, and I even bounced lights off of mirrors to create kickers . . . all fun stuff.

The following video shows the sped-up action of one of his location shoots. Dare we say Mr. Brown was flush with success when he finished the assignment?


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