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Photojournalist Photo Assignment from Wired Magazine: Family

If you're a follower of RAW FILE, the online blog from Wired magazine, you know that they've got a new outreach program to photographers who fancy themselves as photojournalists. The assignments are highly targeted, but they leave it so that anyone can submit materials following their strict guidelines. 

The Corner Store was their first assignment, and they had photographers document the place where you buy your cigs and Slurpies and candy bars and show us the people who work and frequent your local hangout. While the critiques of submissions are pretty shallow, this is an interesting way for any photographer to hone her or his photojournalism skills.

The next assignment deadline is September 16, and focuses on a photo that profiles a Family Member, giving us an intimate look at someone close to the photographer. Click the link to read the full assignment and submission guidelines for your photo and story (yes, it's journalism combined with photography!). Good luck.

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