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Photojournalist on the Edge of War

Photo: John Moore / Getty Images
Many photojournalists cover a city beat that includes everything from local politics and business to heartwarming human interest stories - but many photojournalists risk falling through the thin veneer of civilization as they cover stories of civil war, violent protests, and civilian clashes with government. In our Video Pick, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer John Moore narrates his story of a recent assignment in the Middle East, and he talks about the story behind his images. You can also read an earlier interview with Moore as he discusses what it's like to be a photographer in harm's way. 
In many instances the best protection in dangerous situations is simply to rely on one’s instincts. My instincts have been honed by a lot of experience, so I ignore them at my peril. Of course there are risks in this business, but I try to measure them as best as I can. While embedded with military forces, I wear a flack jacket and helmet, as well as ballistic eye protection. One of the worst fears is kidnapping, both in Iraq and Afghanistan and I almost always travel with the military in areas where that is an issue. 



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