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Winning Photo - First Light

Congrats to NYIP student Karen Galley for her image representing the theme "First Light." The challenge was recently posted on our forum.

We asked Karen to tell us a bit about her capture and here's what she had to say: "This picture was taken in Black Hills, SD, at sunrise. It was my first attempt at photographing a silhouette. After many failed attempts and trying out various camera settings I got this one. Thank you for choosing my picture as the winner! I was very honored." 

As you can see in her image, a silhouette is a terrific way to simplify an image, focusing on the shape, and form of the subject. We think it's a wonderful example of "First Light" and further proof that waking up early for the good light is well worth the effort!

We thank Karen, and all the photographers who submitted photos and encourage you to check the forum for future challenges.


 Image © Copyright Karen Galley, NYIP Student



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