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Top 10 Photos: Thanks

In our eighth Top 10 Photos post, and in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the passing of Superstorm Sandy through our NYC backyards, I wanted to do a search for off-the-beaten path photos which somehow expressed the feeling/mood of thanks. (Some, of course, are tongue in cheek.) I found quite a few special images, but chose only ten of them for our Top 10 vote; I've not put these 10 in any particular order - that task is up to you. Use the survey at the end of the post to vote for your favorite photo. Thanks for voting and check back soon for another Top 10 Photos vote!

Photograph #1: Shaggy rescued from Sandy's flooding by National Guard in Hoboken by Craig Ruttle/AP

Photograph #2: The Healing Touch by Sneha Thakur

Photograph #3: Hungry Boy by Shelly Perry

Photograph #4: Tokyo lifestyle photo by Julie Walton Shaver

Photograph #5: Thank God It's Sunday by Mathias Ahrens

Photograph #6: Fete by Nic Barlow

Photograph #7: Be Thankful/Our Little Indians by Kristin Vining

Photograph #8: Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner! by Beth Rooney

Photograph #9: Emotional Moment wedding photograph by Christobal Perez?Azur PhotographyPhotograph #10: Thanksgiving Barbie by Nicole Houff 

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