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NYIP is Hosting a Live Seminar in New York City

I'm excited to announce that the New York Institute of Photography is hosting a live event on May 3rd in New York City. Come out and join us for a special Photo Review + Lighting Demo by some of NYIP's expert faculty members.

Space is limited to 25 people, and it costs $25 per person. In order to attend, you must register at

Here is the event description, right from the event page:

"Want to take better pictures?  Learn from the professionals: a special live presentation from the New York Institute of Photography

In just two hours, NYIP Student Advisor George Delgado and Director Chuck DeLaney will give you loads of tips to help you take better photographs.  George Delgado, who runs a successful portrait photography business in Manhattan as well as working as an advisor to NYIP students, will demonstrate how to get great results for portrait photos by using off-camera flash and a reflector.  Then NYIP Director Chuck DeLaney will review up to three photographs from each photographer in attendance, sharing ideas on how to improve your own work.  It's a miniature portfolio review and a live demonstration that we guarantee will help you take better photographs.  Attendance is limited to 25 people, so if you're looking for insight into your work as a photographer and how to make it better, sign up today.  Each participant should bring three photographs in .jpg format on a thumb drive for the photo review portion of this dynamic presentation."

Don't hesitate. This event is open to the public but tickets are going to go fast, so sign up today.

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