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Lomography Puts the Fun Back Into Film Cameras

A recent NY Times article came out, and it's got us all talking. Click here to read Just When You Got Digital Technology, Film Is Back.

We looked up the Lomography product line as a result of reading this article, and after we interviewed award-winning teen photographer Chase Guttman at NYIP recently, he also confirmed that many "hipster" friends of his are really getting into using film cameras. Welcome back, film!

One reason for the surge in popularity is the relative simplicity of the Lomography camera line, and their innovative bodies. Their Sprocket Rocket line already caught our attention (see our NYIP article on 7 New Cameras - Which Is Your Favorite?).

Some cameras, like the Actionsampler Clear Multilens Camera (top photo), have unique functions - this camera lets you take a series of 4 images on a single 35mm print. This video shows users how easy it is to get started.

At the same time, Lomography has gone crazy with colorful camera bodies that also make users feel that they're handling something chic, retro, and fashionable. Case in point, the La Sardina & Flash Camera (below).

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So, what do you think? Is a Lomography product something that's appealing to you? Is film photography back in the mainstream, or is this just a fashionable blip?


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Reader Comments (1)

Lomography certainly gives some new life to film photography. I'd say it gave me the incentive to move further into film. Is it a fad? For now, yes. What about 5 years from now? Turn the page...
June 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGKG
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