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Books for Photographers - 3 Titles We're Reading Now

Any books with strong visual interest satisfy our photographers' bent here at the New York Institute of Photography. Check out the following eclectic group of titles - and let us know what you're reading that fellow photographers might enjoy.
Theodore Gray is a geek's geek, and his humorous look at scientific topics bowls us over every time. In The Elements, he literally explodes the page with great photography that shows off all the elements in their purest forms and gives us a visual and factual guide to what makes up the universe. And he makes it far more interesting than the Chem classes we had to suffer through!

You can teach a photographer new tricks. Famed portrait and celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz turned her attention (strictly on her own personal time, rather than on assignment) to photographing historical vignettes and natural subjects as she followed a personal odyssey that ranges from Niagra Falls to Freud's last home and Thoreau's cabin on Walden Pond. Her personal interest in these new subjects creates a sense of wonder, delight, and discovery that makes Pilgrimage a real treat. 

When Dan Eldon, a 22-year-old photographer, was killed on assignment in Somalia in 1993, he didn't exit life without making a huge impact. In Safari As a Way of Life, his photos, journals, travel memorabilia, and drawings have been put together in an amazing visual biography that captures this young man's bold spirt of adventure. Completely inspiring.

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Very nice choise for books as well. Love the first one - I bought it :o))
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