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Ernest Cole - Photographer Who Captured the Human Condition

We have already posted a bit about Ernest Cole, a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (click here to read: Is a Photography Book in Your Future?), but we recently came across a short European video showing examples of his work. The Hassleblad Foundation has an extensive collection of Cole's rare prints. As the first black photojournalist in South Africa, he risked imprisonment and violence by courageously taking forbidden photos of apartheid conditions, unfair and blatantly repressive to "non-Europeans." An accident left Cole with damaged kneecaps and an inability to run from danger; an associate was instructed to take his camera and run away if he was ever discovered by the police while shooting everyday scenes and his country's deplorable social conditions. (Even though this video isn't in English, the power of Cole's work speaks volumes for his courage and uncanny photographer's eye.)


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