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The Gizmon iCA Leica-Inspired iPhone Case - What Do You Think?

It seems that retro camera styling is hipster chic all of a sudden. Japanese manufacturer Gizmon has developed the iCA, a three-color-choice polycarbonate case (with functionality) for the iPhone. Turning your iPhone into a Leica look-alike - Steve Jobs said that the iPhone's design was inspired by Leica to begin with - certainly takes the product design full circle.

Our opinion? Well ... there are cases to trick out your iPhone to no end, from burnished wood and metal cases to rubbery skins and stickers, so this fits in with the customization trend. But is it necessary to turn a SmartPhone into a camera? How's this for a concept: try buying a camera to function like a camera. Yes, your iPhone has a camera function, but it's not a dedicated device, and it won't be one in the near future. A rose is a rose is a rose.

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What do you think? Is the Gizmon iCA iPhone case for you? 


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