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First Time Photo Tips from NYIP’s Facebook Fans

The other day we posed the question, "What's the first piece of advice you'd give to someone who is new to photography?” on the NYIP Facebook page. The responses we got back were so great that we just had to share them with you.

Here they are, in all their glory:

Richard L. It's all in the settings.

Matt Kramarik Get a 2nd job for all the money you are going to spend!! lol

Sam DVeight Hope you have a LOT of money :)

Pauline Dudley watch your framing!

Rebecca Knoblauch Persistence and determination is a must!

Carol Locklar Rouse Ok, learn the camera....

Oscar Rivera Get to know your equipment

Olya Krasavina LOOK!

Belino Mecalco Jr Use your imagination !!!!

Brian Hochmuth Read the manual and learn what every button on your camera does.

Avish Ramgolam Understand what makes a good picture, try to express his inner emotions through the simple photography rules

Fani Tsioumpekou Always make sure you 've put film in your camera :-p

Rachel Susann Follow your heart.

Michelle Stark Shoot, shoot and shoot some more. You will only learn by making mistakes, so make them!

Cătălin Munteanu be inspired!

Brownie Izaguirre Google common sense questions.

Delphia Holland Lynch Get to know your camera first!!

Matt Zick You don't need to have expensive equipment to make nice pictures.

Tommy Wilkerson Stay away from auto setting and shoot RAW.

Aurora Contreras dont go crazy buying expensive gear...learn how to use what you have first!! The camera or the lenses wont make you a good photographer.

Kelly Fulcher- Macartney kidding..... never give up on your dream

Brian Griffiths Learn your basics.

Lyndon Earl Keeth Take photographs every day.

Sheila K focus focus focus

Amrit Singh thanx to all i m new :)

Lori Patrick Educate and apply knowledge through practice.

William Keaveney Take pictures!

Jesika Renee take lots of picturess !! dont miss a shot :)

Miguel Gallegos I send them to

Christopher McNamara Take your camera and a chair into an otherwise empty room and take 100 photographs.

Carlos Rivera LOVE IT!

Hilary Cunningham Your Camera doesn't think, you do. Learn your equipment

Jab Andreo Buhay It's just like cooking... Anyone can get an expensive kitchen. But not everyone can cook. Learn the basics and build from there.

Therese Wijk Take a course at NYIP, it is worth every single cent.

William Otto Read the manual!

Amanda C Think outside the box and do not be scared to try new things ... Have confidence in all you do!

Jennifer McCauley Hutson Don't listen to people who try to bring down your dreams. They only WISH they could do what they love all day & still get paid! :)

Wanda Shepherd Get familiar with your camera manual.

Sue Baber Castle Don't leave home without your camera!!! There are amazing shots all around you...when you least expect it. Oh yea, don't be afraid of the camera...learn your camera until it becomes a part of you....and most important...ENJOY!!!!

Linda Adair Research, research,, lens, what you want to photograph

Janet Sanchez play around with the camera as much as you can! Practice will get you there. Read as much as possible and learn from the pros! lol :D

Bogdan Lupas RFM of the camera :))

Kevin Lampkins Its all about light ....

Dorothea Gosling Allways have your Camera with you - for unexpected opportunities, don't be disheartened by "duff" shots, learn how your camera works... Oh, and take a course with the NYIP ;)

Sarah Elizabeth Hyatt practice, practice, practice!

Salvador Canales Calderón Avoid flash.

Ashish Narain The quality of your pictures do not come from the sensor in your camera. It comes from 1-inch behind the sensor... your eye.

Kayla Eickmeyer Read your camera manual, and practice practice and practice. Real life is the best teacher. Oh yeah and go to nyip! :)

Matt Kramarik Take criticism with a grain of salt. Learn from it but dont be disheartened by what others say!

Sandra McMahon Work on getting your photo right in camera, instead of just "getting it done" and fixing it in Photoshop later. Photoshop doesn't make you a good photographer, and neither does your gear. Never stop learning about your craft.

Isabel Laurent Enjoy what you do , and Composition of what you see

Virden Azarraga Practice practice practice!!

Janet Kelley Bonner Take it off of automatic and play!

Lucía Benvenuto You just need a good 35mm camera and let your senses play.

Liddy Green Photography (239) 565-7498 Shoot what you love...

Wayne Hall Be creative, Ask questions if you are unsure.

Erin Zebrowski Stitt Get ready to get dirty! Explore alternate angles

Milane S. Photos Find the Shot Button! :D

Katrina Ra Younggreen Get closer. To Christopher McNamara, where am I gonna find an otherwise empty room?

Madalin-Silviu Bosinceanu Watch your step...

Ken Dick Have a lot of money !

John Paul Thompson I agree. Read the manual! And shoot, shoot, shoot!

Gina Noemi Murrieta Thanks to everyone, I am new at this and I love all your opinions.
I'll take all of them
Thanks so mcuh ♥( :

Omar Gonzalez To always think about the light, wherever he/she may be, always think of the camera, and always compose in their mind's eye before even picking up the camera.

Quick Photography Tips before buying a camera, learn how to see

Khetz Alcain Know your subject. Focus attention to your subject. Simplify.

Jessica Meaut Join the NYIP and make it official!

Gina Wheat Don't follow the rule book so to speak. Put your heart and soul into what you capture allowing '' you '' to shine through your work. You're amazing!!! Let others see it! You're worth it! :)

Erica White Halstead Know your equipment, and never, NEVER stop learning!

Joseph Morales Dont always shoot in automatic mode. Learn about camera

Ken Lane ‎"You should buy this book !"

Brooke McIntire Learn how to focus and all about exposure and lighting basics. Get that camera off of auto!

Brian Tremblay Keep your day job :)

LA-Jalesa Scott Never leave home without your camera, you would be surprised the things you come across on a daily basis that you want or should photograph

Ruzan Amiraghyan be patient

Valeriana Przekozaq Do not give away your work
For free in the excuse of "self promotion"

Goran Katic Don't make 3 milion pictures in one minute, think want you want in your photograph, don't just press the button.

Chris White | Photography When struggling for new ideas or challenges to go beyond postcard shots or whatever you've been doing recently, check out the work of established professionals working in the genre you're most passionate about. Take Karl Grobl for example, he's a superb humanitarian and cultural photographer and a genuinely nice, helpful guy. His blog posts are full of useful tips and he even has a useful series of posts regarding travel advice etc.

Ken Ziegler I know what I would tell me. Stay with golf lol

Christopher K. Tatum Figure out if this is just a hobby or if you have aspirations for more before you buy your camera. And figure out the type of subjects you might want to shoot before you buy your lenses.

Moon McKinney If you like what you see through the viewfinder, shoot!

Christie Avalos Don't think to hard just go with your instincts

Omega Fatty Acid Take multiple and random shots of anything - ur bound to come up with a Few good ones.

Jerone Kingsby Don't start Shooting for FREE!

Photography Scotland Learn about the art of composition first

Shanon Goodwin composition and lighting are the keys to success!

Nancy Tietz McGreen Don't just shoot the obvious!

Christy Michelle Lewis its not the camera it's the artist in you

Cynthia Fincher Learn to work with what you have. No need for fancy stuff if you cant produce great pictures from what's around you. Step back for a second and think and see.

Juan Pablo Llodrá Research! and please, don't shoot in auto!!

Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven Go out, shoot and learn from your mistakes

Tanuja Chenna-Mangal Study fstop shutter speed..... And for the love of all things don't learn to shoot on auto!

Melanie Mrakovcic Look around yourself ..Use your eyes and follow your heart and put that into your images..

Robert James Angus Whatever you may do in life with your photography career, never let the fun fade away.

Ann Summerlin Greene Patience. Your skills will increase overtime and take a course from NYIP

Tommy Parmer Go to NYIP and enroll in one of there classes.

Norm Villaruel Take a photography course. Learn the basics then build your skills from there.

Christy Brothers Simplify the shot and make sure you look at what is behind your subject and then look at what is behind that too! ;-)

Dominik du Jour Go outside, or let the daylight in.

Vs Babakhan Ok, may at first think less shoot more ...

Jeff Dugan Master the basics, find a mentor(s), and keep shooting!

Krista Bodner Read your camera manual, multiple times and keep practicing!

Sue La Ponsie Take millions of pictures and learn something new on a daily basis, learn your camera!!

Joey Romero Study at NYIP!

Thiago Pereira attention on the light !!!

John Germain Don't show family members any of your work, get your feedback from other photographers and don't get upset over constructive criticism.

Tom Archibald Determine your subject. Wait for (or find) the perfect light.

Henderson Kimberly for the wanna be professional, learn marketing and also know when to throw in the towel, listen to that silence...

Karen Richardson Always make sure you are in focus...blurry pictures won't matter no matter what you are taking a photo of!

Peter Braunholz Be brave, be abandoned, be different.

Joe Manning Take off your lens cap

Bonny A. Botoku You don't have to buy an expensive camera to start with photography. It's not the camera that makes a good picture, but the brain behind the camera.

Matthew Barker Don't get trapped in the thought that the latest, greatest gear will make your photography better. Stick with what you have until you've really figured out your craft.

Frank De Cock Look at as much photos as you can, and try to put into words why you like or dislike them. Then, read about photography...

Fred Rosenbaum Read the manual. Take lots of pictures. Repeat.

AnnMarie King Don't be too quick to shoot the picture.

Babaroga don't think :)

Alketa Misja Take a good course about photography!

Keith M Krongel Go places, just you and your new mistress (your camera). Hold her just right, treat her with respect and push the right buttons. She will always please you by the end of the day, with at least one great photo!

Kayla Tyler Thompson ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure your card is IN YOUR CAMERA!!!

Denise Dinocola Learn by using a film camera. You will understand your camera better and what it can do for you. Shoot for a couple/few years before using PhotoShop or equivalent. Learn to take the picture that you want to see, not create one in post processing and call it "photography"!

Mike Anderson Your camera will look at the world just as you do. Learn to spot what is special about the people you meet and the places you go; if you can do that, your camera will have little problem capturing worthy photographs.

Selma R. Davis Always carry your camera with you.

Javier Luces Bracket like crazy...

Sarah Graham Take the lens cap off.

Michał Pawłowski FEEL THE FORCE.

Rebecca Hedges Lyon Read your camera manual front to back, then read it again.

Boris Vargovic Photography Do not just watch, than see things all around you ...

Lisa Spyker Ditto on the comments of read your camera manual front to back...then...practice each tip they tell you.

Ron Navarrete Have fun taking photos with your camera. But most of all, learn & review the basics of photo composition.

Kathleen Schultz enroll in NYIP and have fun....

Jeyow Evangelista buy film rolls ;-)

Henry Gnatowski stay away from the Web sigh photography schools

Ester Elmaleh Master light!

Diedra Didi Eadie Loadholt Shoot a picture with your camera on manual every day

Eric Bratrud get closer!

Marlene Johnson Carry your camera with you always.

Steven Wartofsky Get a camera.

Laura V Nims Annan Never loose your passion!!!

The Photography Smith Learn to accept criticism and learn from it! You'll grow much faster and become a better photographer than if you were to accept only praise.

Joyce Stutika Gould Have Fun!

Rudy Marroquin Photography tends to ruin relationships, since you have a passion for it and loose focus on your loved ones

Åke Olsson Take one step closer

Becky Binger Bjork ‎"A picture is worth a thousand words." Capture the story.

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Hi my name is Tara I'm a free lance Makeup Artist trying to build my portfolio I'm willing to work in exchange for photo's I'm located in Westchester NY and avil on short notice in the tristate area!!!
July 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMakeup by Tara
If it's your dream; Live it!! don't listen to people that want to bring you down...Be creative..Practice, Practice, Practice...There are stories to be told.....
September 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnnette Wallace
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