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Field Trip: Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego 

Looking for something else to do in the San Diego area? In our newest field trip installment we are heading off to the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, located in the magnificent Casa de Balboa building. Known as MoPa for short, it houses some of the world's premiere photography collections and exhibits. The museum is one of the few U.S. institutions solely dedicated to the presentation and preservation of photography, spanning the breadth of photographic history from its conception.  
A breathtaking shot of the Casa de Balboa building at night
While there are a great number of fantastic exhibits and avenues to explore within the museum, we will be focusing on the exhibition of The Jazz Loft Project, documenting the work of famed photojournalist and NYIP grad W. Eugene Smith between the years of 1957 and 1965. During this time period he made around 40,000 exposures of the nocturnal NYC Jazz scene taking place in and around his 5-story loft at 821 Sixth Avenue, where many famous musicians would often flock. Here are just a few of the brilliant photos that will be on display: 
W. Eugene Smith, Thelonious Monk and Town Hall Band Rehearsal, c. 1957-1965. Collection of the W. Eugene Smith Archive
W. Eugene Smith, Zoot Sims, c. 1957-1964. Collection of the W. Eugene Smith Archive, Center for Creative Photography.
W. Eugene Smith, W. Eugene Smith at fourth-floor window of 821 Sixth Avenue, c. 1957. Collection of the W. Eugene Smith Archive.
For further information on The Jazz Loft Project: W. Eugene Smith in NYC, 1957-1965 exhibition, as well as the museum's hours of operation and contact information, click on any of the above images or go to  

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