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Foliobook 3.0 the Comprehensive Portfolio iPad App?

Foliobook, an iPad photography portfolio application, recently launched its updated software for iPad 3 and iOS 5.1. The Foliobook 3.0 introduces a number of features that were not available in previous versions, such as a gallery music player, Dropbox image loading, a side navigation bar, and new retina display resolution, which fits the iPad 3 2048 x 1536 retina screen perfectly (those with iPads 1 and 2 should consult Foliobook's image sizing guidance). The Foliobook app allows users to customize almost all aspects of their portfolio, from gallery display to home page design, and supports a simple and easy to use management interface. For a more in-depth look at how to customize various elements and navigate the Foliobook interface, watch the video tutorials available on the Foliobook website. Here's one on how to edit your portfolio cover page:  

To learn more about the app, go to their website at

Is Foliobook 3.0 the best portfolio app out there? Are there better options? Give us your feedback and let us know what you think! 


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