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Polaroid joins the Social Media Party 

Polaroid is set to launch its latest addition to the digital camera family in the form of the Z2300. The camera is being hailed as "the ultimate social media machine," with the capability to instantly capture and easily upload images to any social media platform. The nifty and compact camera, which is available in either black or white, also comes equipped with an integrated, ZINK® Tech printer. The camera's retail price will be $159.99 and it will hit the shelves August 15th.
This is not the first time we have blogged about Polaroid's evolution over the years (read our article, So Where Will Polaroid Be Five Years From Now?), but we continue to be impressed by the company's ability to constantly reinvent itself. Here at NYIP we are always monitoring new trends and technological developments in the realm of photography to share with our readers. What do you think of the Z2300? Have the pioneers of instant photography redefined themselves again for the digital age?

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera
Click here to read the entire Photography News article, Polaroid Introduces New Z2300 Instant Digital Camera.
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