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Facebook Upgrades Main Photos Page

A shot of Facebook's updated photos layout, taken from Thomas Hawk's Digital CollectionFacebook has begun to implement a new version of their user photos page. The upgraded version includes a mosaic view feature and a more interactive three tab interface which allows you to hover your mouse over any of your photos and like, comment, star, untag, or edit them without leaving the page. With improved image quality, and larger, clearer pictures that take up the entire screen (removing all the white space between the static 4x3 thumbnails), Facebook has made browsing through your photos a more dynamic and user-friendly experience. The interface menu allows you to click between photos you’re tagged in, photos you’ve shared, and albums you’ve made, as well as to manually resize any photos you choose by highlighting them. The album tab also has its own simple, easy-to-use drop down menu which greatly resembles the Timeline profile page. Although the team at Facebook have yet to phase out the annoying ads to the right of each page on their new photo viewer (unlike Google+'s, which seems to be the model for Facebook's rethink), most agree it is a major improvement on the old model. Click on the attached link to The Verge article to read more. According to the Facebook Newsroom, the changes will be rolled out globally over the coming weeks.   

A shot of the new Timeline-like Album detail view, taken from The Verge official website

A shot of the new photo hover capabilities, taken from the Facebook Newsroom 

What do you think of Facebook's new way to view your photos? Give us your feedback and let us know!


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