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Our Best Flower and Heat Photo Winners

In our fifth and sixth Top 10 Photos post, we did a Web image search on the word "flowers" and "heat," respectively, and chose 10 of our favorite images for our blog followers and fellow photography enthusiasts to vote for. Well, we're excited to announce that almost 900 of you voted in our Top 10 survey. Many thanks for taking the time to register your vote with us, and not to mention making this our most popular photo vote yet! Here are the top vote getters for both surveys - and congratulations to all of our Top 10 photographers. Click here to view the original Top 10 Photos in our flowers competition. And click here to view the original Top 10 Photos in our heat competition. Another Top 10 Photos vote will be coming your way soon ....


Photo #1 (tie): Purple Hydrangea Flowers by Jagna Birecka

Photo #1 (tie): Hibiscus and Iris by Brad Rickerby

Photo #2: Blood and Hydrangeas by Kala

Photo #3: Flower Pot Baby by Ali Mocabee/Souriant Designs 


Photo #1: Camilla Akrans beach scene

Photo #2: Siesta by Brian Furbush Photography

Photo #3: Heat Wave Open Hydrant by Mechy 


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