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Video Pick - Chicago Street Photographer Interview

Photo by Jason Martini Photography

Jason Martini takes client portraits - the kind of formal portraiture and candids many photographers take (visit his website for examples). But we found this video interview with Jason, and it's a great video portfolio of his street photography, his philosophy, and reactions of others to having their pictures taken unawares in public places. Photojournalism and street photography fall under 1st amendment freedoms, by the way, and are protected for photographers. No permission is needed, nor signed releases required for images taken in public places or public venues published online or offline in the United States (crossing over from artistic to commercial use for your images is another matter). Click here to read more about rights issues for street photographers, but realize that you should always get advice from a legal authority for specific cities, states, provinces, countries, and public venues where you'll be taking pictures (use common sense and street smarts, too).



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