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Whose Portrait Do You Wish You Could Take (dead or alive)?

That’s the question we asked our Facebook fans last week. What we got back was over 200 responses. We were so thrilled with the answers the quality and quantity of answers that we got back that we just had to share them with you here. Read through the responses and add your own in the comments below!


Annastasia McPherson - Marilyn Monroe!

Tiffany Peterson - Ummm. Alive.

Lisa Jacques Jones - Abraham Lincoln

JoJo Stone - Adam Lambert

Amber Roseberry - My son who was stillborn and Abe Lincoln

Andy Dinocola - my pops

Cristal Rodriguez - Marilyn Monroe

Kenneth Hines Jr - Aaliyah

Terry Julien - Ansel Adams

Gerry Knightwynd - jesus

Valeriana Przekozaq - Krzysztof Kieślowski

Michele-Anne Hamilton - Everybody! :-)

Trina Sledge - My grandparents missed dearly

Tina Leach-Williams - Andy Warhol. But mostly I'd just love to get shots of The Factory.

Tiffany Peterson - Ooops misread. Lol. Ronald Regan.

Jessica Meaut - Marilyn Monroe!

Laura V Nims Annan - Richard Gere......

Katherine Manley - Elvis

Danielle Pittman - Elvis =]

Emphotography Maddux - Madonna and Jim Carey

Stephanie Lee - Edgar Allan Poe

Damon Steinke - Marilyn or Anna Nichole Smith

Linda Bernstein - My daughter who was stillborn and my grandma who passed 19 years ago

John Botero - King George VI or Queen Victoria

Marcye Coogan - Mom.

Heidi A. Kennedy - Marilyn Monroe & Amy Winehouse

Amy Green Montgomery - Marilyn Monroe & Robert Pattinson

GP Andree - Marilyn Monroe.

Yanitza Ninett - Marilyn Monroe :)

Ranjit Sihat - Ava Gardner...

Snjolaug Maria Jonsdottir - my mother

Rhonda Garrett - Robert the Bruce

Rory Jacoby Baird - my grandfather

Cathie G Chadwick - My mother who passed in 1978 and john travolta

Piera Lotito - My 2 sons together. They are both special needs kids and have a hardtime being around eachother :(

Brian Tremblay - Raquel Welch ;)

Anita Mamuza - Paul Newman ... my grandfather and grandmother

Jimmy McTernan - Ben Franklin

Skylar Liberty Rose -Bob Marley

Alex Smeu - Einstein, Kant and Paganini

Patricia Knight - A family portrait with my late husband. He died way too soon, when our daughter was only 10 weeks old. This single event in my life is why I am a photographer today!

Nadina Sticlaru - Audrey Hepburn and Diane Arbus

Jeremy C. Webb - Jesus of Nazareth

Pinar Istek - Avett Brothers

Jennifer Cornelisen - John Lennon

Sarah Rocca - Einstein and I prefer him to be alive.

Therese Wijk - Andy Warhol, Anton Corbijn, Janis Joplin

Paula Thornhill - Elvis

Anily Cabusao - Mozart! in Vienna!!!

Kendra Neal Kubitz - Marilyn.

Francine Weagle - Sebastian Junger

Therese Wijk - Heath Ledger

Tariq Hassoon - Saadam Hussian

Jytte Kristensen - Karen Blixen....

Rachel J. Samuels - Ansel Adams and my pappy;(

Laura Pierce - Princess Diana

Renee' Valena Haroutunian - Elvis

Warner Smith - I'm going to get some slack for this, but there are 3; please let me explain; the ultimate goal would be to display the nature of humankind under three different conditions. Good, Evil and glorious; that said, I would have loved to have photographed Jesus, Hitler and Alexander the Great!

Now don't go throwing stones at me; wanting to photograph these people is in no way a reflection of my character or approval of their actions.

Steven Lyda - Jesus Christ or Robert Edward Lee!!!

Ashley Snyder - ville valo!

Alicia Pelzer-Williams - My Grandparents!!

TonJe' Taylor - Audrey Hepburn...

Craig Metz - Rick Danko.

Carolina Monteiro - Grandma

Liz Austin - John Wayne's and Johnny Cash's

Joel Addams | Photography - robert redford, gandhi, an entire company of marines from WWII then and now (as many as are alive), morgan freeman, marley, che g...

Susan Lawrenz - Christopher Walkin.

Carlos Celis - Vincent Van Gogh's

Candice Taylor - Kat Von D

Ronaldo Dorado - Kurt Cobain bwahaha

Daniel Gaskins - JFK

Monroe Bull - John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Curt Cobain, Elvis, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, The Malboro Man.. So many..

Misty Ahn Pollard-Williams - Xerxes...Mary Magdelan

Dan Scott - Einstein

Sheila Broderick - Bono & David Bowie

Mike Vega - Jesus...

Doug Tourville - Jesus by the Sea of Galilee, and then the last supper (the way it really was). Then, I would like to take my moms picture. She passed away before I got into photography.

Connie Browning Krol - my mother

Amanda Bivens Sanchez - my great grandfather(the greatest man I ever knew), Princess Di, Michael Jackson, those who were lost on 9/11

Tara Daubenspeck-Moyer - Jane Seymour

Samantha Frost - definately Marylin Monroe! What a beautiful woman inside and out!

Tammy Larson - A 4 generation including my mother

Jessie Burritt - Marilyn Monroe or Johnny depp..both photograph awesome

Anne Worner - Willie Nelson.

Rafael Serrano - My mother that past away last week....I will give everything I have if I can see her again!!

Aline Beyrouthy Dandan - George clooney

Aline Beyrouthy Dandan - Sorry for your loss Rafael..

Viviane Goodman - Whitney Houston

Cyndi Formiga Geremias - My father...

Tracy Cook - Jesus Christ

Christopher Darlington - Hendrix.....

Steven Relf - My kids. Who make me smile every time I see them

Bria Nichols - Audrey Hepburn

Christopher Darlington - Marilyn Monroe

Carlos Rivera - Lincoln or Jesus

Casey Lee Mielitz - My mother. She passed away in March 2011, before I really got passionate about photography.

Holly Robertson Clyburn - Hugh Jackman.

Margaret Banker - Jackie Kennedy

Rafael Serrano - Thanks Aline....

Ruben Martel - Pope John Paul II

Art Sklut - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Ashley Lynn - Marilyn Monroe!

Joe Big-Mac Leone - My father who passed in 1986.

Donna Lynn McMurry - Morgan Freeman!

Rosie Pech - A great course! I want to do it soon!

Jackie Angela Estrada - Someone who is a person of few words. With an edgy sence of style.

Donna Underwood - President Ronald Reagan

Zewdinesh Taye Gebru - Karl Marx.

Michael Lush - Marilyn Monroe all the way

Debbie Harris - Mary Pickford

Richie Friendofjimmyk - I don't think I could take anyone's portrait when I am dead.

Rica Carotta - Marilyn Monroe... Elvis

Simplysweet Blessed Highlyfavoured - Mother Teresa

Derek Givens - Julius Caesar

Roman Regina - grand ma

Cy Cox - Hendrix. He had the look. The frow. Epic

Marie Golden - My grand mother and all her sisters

George Jacquin - John Wayne and Bruce lee, two powerful icons that have left us

Jeff Harryman - Dalai Lama, more to have a conversation than to photograph. But if I was so lucky to have this opportiunity, it would be in his home country of Tibet.

Marianna Arvanitaki - Hendrix..

Emily Brumell - My inspiration for all my photography, my Grandad

Jessica Wade - Marilyn Monroe or Lincoln

Jennifer XSpirikx - Tecumseh

Terry L. Embry - Willie Nelson!

Heidi O'Connor - Albert Einstein!

Kelly Keane Rieser - So many...whoever I could get I would want the portrait to reflect their personality instantly or tell a story.

Krista Bodner - My grandma!

James G Donohoe - Jesus

James G Donohoe - He's dean AND alive.

Lauren Wallace Bernardo - Gerard Butler, for my mother who loves him so much. My mother, who is battling Alzheimer's.

David Westphalen - Albert Einstein

Tim Behuniak - Abe Lincoln

Jesse Nutter - Barack Obama

Jose Rivera - Abe Lincoln before the civil war

Scott Kinney - Garth Brooks

Gary Amir DeGree - An extra terrestrial standing on top of a Mayan temple....(crickets... Crickets....) did I take it too far?lol

Siarhei Yazlavetski - Pablo Picasso

Figphotography Güs Miller - Queen Elizabeth 1st

Angelia Green-Fambro - Alive will Smith and dead Whitney Houston even I know she is dead she still was beautiful

Bukola Fakorede - MICHAEL JACKSON...!!!

Tami Fuentes-Ruettimann - Elton John.......

Shelley Martin Pennington - My father, whom passed almost a year ago. I never took a portrait of him alone :'(

Andrew Middleton - JIMI HENDRIX

Maria Cross - My dad

M Torres Fotography - Bettie Page in her prime

E.j. Valinski - A photo of Hitler's corpse would be on my list. You said dead, right?

Jeremiah Munoz - Maryiln Monroe!

May Yap - Gandhi

Brooke McIntire - My Momma's. I never took a good portrait of her because she was so camera shy. Now I regret it and would give anything to have a good updated portrait versus the gazillion snapshots.

Lora Kontos - My mother I miss her dearly

Carl Allan Salonen - George Washington, because I know it will be the greatest photo of Washington ever taken

Wendy Joubert - That's a little morbid, but I guess I would say Queen Elizabeth I lol

E.j. Valinski - Jesus

E.j. Valinski - Or Big Foot

E.j. Valinski - Loch Ness monster

E.j. Valinski - William Shakespeare

Sally LeDrew - Betty Davis and those EYES!!

E.j. Valinski - They guy who invented bacon.

Pamela Punger - Jesus, on the road to Emmaus; Mozart; van Gogh

Laura Hayes Doyle - Elvis and Ansel Adams with his camera!

Heather Dail Vance - John Lennon

Scott Dupuis - Elvis and pricilla's wedding.

Berle Zwaan - Nelson Mandela

Veronica Salazar - Freda Kahlo

Federico Blanco - Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Elizabeth Burns - Madame Curry

Jennifer Yocelyn Olivera - Obama

Kim Meucci - My father and my step father. They have both passed away in this past year and I never got to get an updated picture of them.

Terrence Mitchell Legault - BOB MARLEY!!!

Gracie Salazar - Alexander Bell

IshotItphotography ByKathryn - Falco!

Alex Mateo - Michael Jackson

Monica Arrecis - John Lennon

Noah Clark - Winston Churchill--Dead Natalie Portman--Alive

Tamiam Link - My mom, brother and grandparents..if they were alive it would be awesome.

Daniel A. Ordonez - Adolf Hitler's speech

Mikal Thomas - John Wayne

Micoy Siete - adele :D

Micoy Siete - and my family.... :D

Jeff Dugan - Jerry Garcia

Ellen Elle - Grace Kelly

Jonathan Day - My dad. I miss him a lot.

Todd Patience - My Grandparents!

Ileana Ortiz - My grandmother. She was beautiful inside and out. I miss her dearly.

Mona-Marie Kuceluk - My parents....they were so busy raising us they never had time to be in a photo together....

Elyse Noelle - Audrey Hepburn : )

Gary Baker - George Harrison

Rachel Alfonso-Smith - Jesus. I think his eyes would have to be captivating.

Calvin Leeroy Stowers - john f Kennedy

Jessica Fry - My Daddy!!!!!

Andy Buxton - Morgan freeman, I think he has a face that would translate to an awesome b&w portrait

Art Inza - Marylin Monroe

Amy Preston - would love to have had the chance to photography my grandparents...

Thomas J. Matthews - Jacklyn Smith

Sean Dockery - Dead or alive? Erwin Schrodinger, of course.

Heather Formella - Elvis!!!

Stacy Ann Dominquez - Marlyn Monroe

Kenneth McGee - Benny Hill

Tammy Uglum Davis - JON BON JOVI!!!

Sheila Juanita Gamble - My Dads (RIP)

Ron Johnson - Abraham Lincoln

Angelina Anthes Gravitt Baker - SELENA (Quintanilla Perez)

Brenda Smith - Johnny Depp!!

Arunjeet Banerjee - Winston Churchill smoking his cigar, Vidya Balan, my favorite Indian actor

Connie Small - Don Cheadle

Scott Wallace - family My father and grandmother famous Humprhey Bogart

Sudhakar AL - I would like to picture every one who is alive and that picture keeps them alive even after their death !

Nigel Amyes - Stevie Nicks

Ken Dick - Pablo Escobar !

BMR pictures - Michael Phelps!

Ashley Munson - Monroe & my great grandfather

Lucy Lucinity - Sue Bryce, the photographer who photographed thousands of women and never been photographed.

Osborne Photography - Jesus.

Valentina Verdesca - tommy lee jones

Donna Murphy - Obama, I would love to see him portrayed as a humble man, I am sick of seeing his nose stuck up in the air, I would really like to see a more down to earth portrait, and i want to make it happen.

Donna Murphy - And maryln of course!

Deborah Mahaffy - Barbra Streisand :)

Maria Kulkova - Писатель Чингиз Айтматов, dead.

Dave Larsen - Ayn Rand. Just for the challenge of finding that one non-ugly angle

Rita Smith - Ansel Adams

Diego Carbajal - Judas

Ravi Gaur - Mr. Clint Eastwood !

Tracy Stam - Mother Teresa!

Tim-Jess Klark - David and his Mighty Men!

Patricia Simpson Maffett - all my family members in Heaven, Jesus, The Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Therese, Mother Teresa, Blessed Pope John Paul and all my pets who've passed.

Angelina Baker-Photography - SELENA (Qunitanilla Perez) & Sir Winston Churchill

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Reader Comments (5)

That's such an easy question -- Jesus.
September 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBonnie Atwood
September 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjun T. rodas
if it were mom who passed away over 20 years ago as she lays eyes for the first time on her granddaughters she never got to meet and her grandson who she knew and loved for only 6 months of his life.
September 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle Doars
Jay-z Family
September 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMiro chelich
I wish I could have photographed my grand parents and their parents. That is part of my heritage that I do not know.
September 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGeneva Ingham
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