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New Breed of Photojournalist: Joey L Documents Endangered Cultures

Sikeri Initiation (Photo by Joey L.)

Canadian photographer Joey L, based in Brooklyn, NY, has always been fascinated with travel. His new flavor of photojournalism is to turn a sensitive eye as a photographer to preserving traditional ways of life that are endangered. Today's Video Pick is a behind-the-scenes short documentary of one of Joey L's photo shoots, and you'll see how he and his crew - as well as hired local assistants - become more than just distanced observers when they travel into the Indonesian rainforest to take photographs of the Mentawai people. A young team of adventurous professional photographers, traveling with their gear and perhaps the most important things of all, an open mind and heart, preserve the dignity and everyday lives of people who choose not to conform to contemporary traditions. Visit the Joey L website for his outstanding portfolio. It's inspirational and provides our photography students with yet another professional pathway option, combining the love of travel with a love of photography.


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