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Two Different Photographic Approaches to Taking Wedding Videos

We all know that photography, just by the way it's processed, can create different moods. I found a striking difference in two wedding videos recently that underscored how the photographic process can change up the moods that a happy couple want to convey in their overall image capture strategy. In this first example, there's a strikingly retro, grainy, casual feel captured in super 8mm film by photographer EP Love for The grainy, saturated-yet-faded colors match the Old Mexico feel of the wedding styling, the old chapel where the ceremony took place, the Mexican restaurant reception venue, and the overall sunny relaxed vibe of the Santa Barbara location. I particularly admired the way the video moved back and forth between color and black and white.




Also featuring a relaxed venue and atmosphere, there's quite a contrast and more of a crisp documentary feel with sophisticated cutaway shots and voiceovers in the next video, from New Zealand wedding photographer Jono Tucker. The selection of specific segments in the bride and groom's day shows a good eye and ear for storytelling, with a final product that's designed to preserve happy wedding day memories, with audio recordings of people at the wedding adding volumes to the images.



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