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What to Photograph: Try a Photojournalism Approach to Your Neighborhood

Photo from "If this street were mine" / Raphael Alves

Raphael Alves
can give us all a great deal of inspiration. The photographer, located in Manaus, Brazil, undertook a project to begin photographing his neighborhood. His approach is classic photojournalism, capturing secret moments, candid action, and hidden beauty. But capturing what is real and what is in your face, should one only happen to look closer. There is colorful lyricism in today's featured video outlining Raphael's project and showcasing some of his beautiful work.
In our photography courses at the New York Institute of Photography, we often stress that the everyday makes for extraordinary subjects. If tourists from abroad were to visit your neighborhood for the first time, they would photograph every single detail. It would all be startling, exotic, and new to them. What you might not fully appreciate because of your daily exposure will intoxicate others. So learn to look with fresh eyes at your surroundings. Pretend that you're a tourist in your own community, if that's what it takes to see your world from a photographer's perspective.


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