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Check Out Student Savings on the Adobe Creative Cloud Package

NYIP student Stephanie Spainhoward just contacted Adobe about purchasing Photoshop for one of her courses, and she told us that they have an amazing offer for students, and NYIP students are accepted in this offer. She wanted us to let every NYIP student know. Click here to explore the Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition offer.


Adobe is encouraging creatives to subscribe to a Cloud-based suite of their programs versus selling downloads to individual software products. The current price for students on the website is $29.99/month (Stephanie locked in a one-year contract for just $19.99 a month - maybe if you contact Adobe directly you might be able to improve the monthly rate from what's advertised on their website). As Stephanie told us,

You get EVERY program Adobe has to offer. Of course I signed up, but I just wanted to let you know. It's really an amazing offer, and I thought you might want to let other students know about it. You do have to sign a one-year contract, and may have to show proof that you do attend school.
Thanks for the heads up, Stephanie! Click here to explore Adobe's Creative Cloud and find out what tools you'll be able to access through their all-in-one subscription service.



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Reader Comments (2)

Just fyi, I followed the link in this post and it takes me to the Adobe UK site. The price you quote of 22.46 per month is in pounds, not dollars. To subscribe to the Creative Cloud in the US costs $29.99 per month for students. Still a great price compared to the cost of purchasing Photoshop or Lightroom, but not quite as good as you mentioned above. :o)
April 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLisa B
As a NYIP student, I also took advantage of this offer on April 3, 2012. They were running a special and I locked in the special student discount price of $19.99 a month for the first 12 months (reg. $29.99/month for students). During the sign-up process I was able to choose New York Institute of Photography from the drop-down menu. I have access to every single full Adobe app (Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Fuse, etc., ALL of them, all the latest up-to-date versions).

I was initially a bit confused about how the Creative Cloud would work, but it couldn't be any easier. After the sign-up process, I received an email, followed the link, and started downloading the programs I was interested in using onto my desktop, and started using them. That's it!!

I was also hesitant about the cost of effectively "renting" these programs, but when considering the substantial purchase price for these programs and always being a bit annoyed when purchasing software only to have newer, improved versions constantly being released, I felt for me personally it was well worth it. I also felt their cancellation policy was very fair.

The way I see it, the student discount savings alone has helped offset my NYIP tuition costs!
April 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDonna W.
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