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Top 10 Photos: May Day

Photo #1: Maypole Outside Clarendon Building, Oxford by Richard (etnobofin on Flickr)

In our tenth Top 10 Photos post, and in honor of the the month of May coming up, I wanted to do a search for off-the-beaten path photos which take us into all that conjures up "May Day." I found quite a few special images, but chose only ten of them for our Top 10 vote; I've not put these 10 in any particular order - that task is up to you. Use the survey at the end of the post to vote for your favorite photo. Thanks for voting and check back soon for another Top 10 Photos vote!

Photo #2: Tom Fisher as Sam Docker in BBC One drama Mayday by BBC

Photo #3: Woman Shouting During Moscow May Day Communist Rally by Mikhail Metzel / AP 

Photo #4: Eldery Woman Waves at May Day Occupy Wall Street March by Emmanuel Dunand / AFP - Getty Images 

Photo #5: May Day Elephants in Bangkok by PA Photos

Photo #6: Mike Haywood Goes for the Line in May Day Rugby Match by Getty Images

Photo #7: Jake from Mayday Parade in Halloween Costume by Mayday Parade

Photo #8: May Day Sidewalk Chalk by May Day NYC

Photo #9: Jason May a.k.a. Hip-Hop Artist MAYDAY

Photo #10: Burningman May Pole by Yelloideas






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