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Our Best "May Day" Photos

Where has the month of May gone? In our ninth Top 10 Photos post, we did a Web image search on "May Day" to help kick off this beautiful spring month. We chose 10 of our favorite images for our blog followers and fellow photography enthusiasts to cast their votes for. And you have spoken - we're excited to announce that hundreds of you voted in our Top 10 survey. Many thanks for taking the time to register your vote with us - and congratulations to all of our Top 10 photographers. Click here to view the original Top 10 Photos in our "new" competition. Another Top 10 Photos vote will be coming your way soon ....


Photograph #1: Mike Haywood Goes for the Line in May Day Rugby Match by Getty Images

 Photograph #2: Eldery Woman Waves at May Day Occupy Wall Street March by Emmanuel Dunand / AFP - Getty Images

Photograph #3 (tie): Maypole Outside Clarendon Building, Oxford by Richard (etnobofin on Flickr)


Photograph #3 (tie): Tom Fisher as Sam Docker in BBC One drama Mayday by BBC



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