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Video Pick: How a Pro Photographer and an Instagram Star Express Themselves Through Photography

We just came across this wonderful documentary by filmmaker Andy Newman called Portrait, and it focuses on two Seattle professionals who embrace photography and creativity as a huge part of their lives. At the New York Institute of Photography, we're continually hearing from students taking our photography course online that they take our courses because they have always had a deep passion for photography and they'd like to learn how to improve their photo-taking skills.
This short doc perfectly underscores our students' passion for expressing themselves creatively through photography. It's an activity that will grab you and never let go for the rest of your life, and it will become a way to connect every facet of who you are into one continuously flowing form of creative expression. If you're currently an NYIP student, we think you'll love this video as it reinforces your chosen path. And to those of you who might be exploring photography education, watch this video and see if you identify with either of these individuals; they follow different career paths, but photography becomes their unique intersection point. If you think photography might be your path, I encourage you to explore NYIP's courses or learn photoshop. We've helped thousands of people - more than any other photography school on the planet - pursue their dreams.



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