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Short Film Project: The Halloween Kid

If you love Halloween and horror films, then this short film project, The Halloween Kid, is your cup of tea ... and that's appropriate because this is a UK project, too. 

Writer-director Axelle Carolyn is a Halloween fanatic, as you'll see in the following video shot for sponsors. As a photographer or videographer, it's likely you'll one day want to put together your own short film project - the usual preliminary step to hitting the film circuit, winning awards, and creating larger feature projects. Good luck to you - and Axelle - as you dream big with your photography and videography projects. 

For more information about the project, and even how you could help raise funds to complete its budget, go to The Halloween Kid project summary on (they've raised almost all of their project monies, but there's still a bit more to go, and a more days in October to raise the funding). 


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NYIP Student Success

Many NYIP members have won prestigious awards in contests and photo fairs or have had their work exhibited in galleries. Other NYIP members are building careers shooting weddings, press events, corporate and commercial assignments, or have received professional recognition and publication of their photos. Here are some recent NYIP success stories:
Sarah Bryan, Nebraska
With all the horrible wet weather much of the U.S. had recently, it was great to hear some good news came out of all those storms. NYIP Student Sarah Bryan won second place in a contest/exhibit called "Flood Waters 2011." The exhibit features images of the Missouri river flooding. Sarah normally photographs seniors, weddings, newborns and other portraits through her studio, Life Captured Photography based in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. 
Bonnie Gustin, New York
Congratulations go to Bonnie who was profiled in the Fall issue of Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine. You can see several of Bonnie's fall photographs in the article, Autumn Splendor, on page 66 of the magazine. View more of Bonnie's work on her website,
Tom Freudenstein, New York

A photograph taken by NYIP Graduate Tom Freudenstein was used by Klezmer musicians Franziska Seehausen and Ilya Shneyveys on their poster advertisment for a Klezmer concert in Alfter, Germany.

Gareth Kidder, Maine

We were thrilled to hear from NYIP Graduate Gareth Kidder who wrote: "Since completing the NYIP course in 2005, I have had some success!  I have placed or won in several contests. My photos were also printed in a local newspaper in their readers submitted photo section. My most prestigious success to date was having a photo published in the June 2011 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine! I learned so much from NYIP, it really made a difference!" Congratulations, Gareth!

Karla McKinney, Ohio
Terrific news from Karla McKinney who recently submitted several photographs into a photo contest at her local county fair. She's was thrilled to tell us that she won four 1st place blue ribbons including "Best of Show", as well as six 2nd place red ribbons! Karla says "I am so pleased with everything that I am learning through my photography course through NYIP! The information is invaluable to me and makes me so excited about shooting photography! I just want to learn more and more!"
Swati Chakraborty
, California
NYIP student Swati Chakraborty also has contest news to share. Swati won first place in DPReview's photo challenge "Flirting." You can see Swati's winning image here.

Do you have an NYIP Success Story to tell? Email us at and let us know! 


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Electrify a Blog with Your Great Photography

Josh Leo is one of my blogging heroes. He's taken his video camera around the world, and produced some of the most well-paced body of videos I've ever seen in a travel blog. Josh captures a sense of story with his shots, and you get to experience his personal reactions to what he encounters, whether it's explaining the rationale for visiting a specific location or confessing his weakness for local pastries.
I selected one of his videos on the beautiful mountain-lakeside town of Halstatt, Austria to illustrate his strong sense of story and his superb visual rhythm, synchronizing his cuts and pacing with well-chosen pieces of music. If you like to take photographs and/or videos, jump into the blogging waters and splash around. Blogs are wonderful venues for showing off your work, allowing you to explain what went on in the real world outside of the photograph, and giving you an opportunity to fully express yourself through your passion.

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Video: Shooting for National Geographic

I would like to bring your attention to a National Geographic film called "The Photographers".  This documentary looks at photographers and the remarkable talent required to take pictures that make history. You can watch the entire piece below!




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Photo Marketing 101: Video Killed the Marketing Star

Welcome back to Photo Marketing 101, our series of blogs on Marketing for Photographers. Last week, I shared with you some ideas for designing your business card.

There is one thing that every marketer out there is learning quickly, video is becoming one of the most important marketing tools of the digital age. You see video in ads, across websites, in every social network, on mobile devices, and practically everywhere else you look. The fact is, video is a quick and entertaining way of conveying a message to your audience, that people are more willing to view than a page of text.

As a photographer, it’s time for you to take notice of this trend as well, because you can use it to attract new customers for your business.

Even if you don’t offer video services, a video can be used to promote your photography. However, learning how to create a great video for yourself is the first step to offering video services to future clients.

Add video to your website, create a YouTube account and add your video there to. Send links to the video out over your various social media accounts. Put a link to the video on your business card or promotional materials that you hand out.

Many companies have learned how to use video to promote their businesses, and photographers have the added advantage of already being in a visually powerful field. Your customers are looking for artistic ability, and a good video could be enough to get them through the door.

For more information on using video to market yourself and your services, check out these 16 tips.

Here is an example of a good video used to promote a photography tour. It fits the topic of this post in two ways in that it promotes a tour that will help you learn to create video:

Homework: Share links to your videos, videos you find inspiring, or tutorials on how to create great online videos.

P.S. If you have a marketing question, feel free to ask it in the comments here or Tweet your question to us with the tag #PhotoMarketing101 . Your question may be the next one we answer on our blog!