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NYIP Student Successes

Many NYIP members have won prestigious awards in contests and photo fairs or have had their work exhibited in galleries. Other NYIP members are building careers shooting weddings, press events, corporate and commercial assignments, or have received professional recognition and publication of their photos. Here are some recent NYIP success stories:
Philip Robertson, New York
Philip had an image he took of the music group, The Dollyrots, published in the Black Heart Records newsletter. He's also had great success having his work from fashion, beauty, and technology events, used on various Web sites and blogs. He's even had a tarot card reader use one of his selective focus photos from his Unit 1 project on a set of tarot cards due to be published this year. You can see more of Philip's work on his Web site, Britrock Photography.
Lana M. Tegler, Montana
 Here at NYIP, we love catching up with graduates who finished taking our courses years before. Recently we heard from Lana who finished her NYIP Complete Course in Professional Photography back in the 1980s.  She wrote: "I have had a great time with my photos and have them almost around the world. I have had my western and Indian photos used in a college in France to help teach some of the American culture and also in a school in Hondurus to help teach elementary children the English language.  My photos have been on the cover of many magazines and I've worked as a photojournalist for a few different papers.  I'm proud of the list of accomplishments and just want to say "Thank you" one more time for helping me along my photo trail of life."
André Monteiro, Brazil

Congratulations to André who has been invited to be an exhibitor at the The International Photography Meeting of Rio de Janeiro - FotoRio 2011 held this summer in Brazil.

Jorge Muxica, Massachusetts
Recent NYIP graduate Jorge Muxica has started his own company, Kalospix Photographic Works. He's happy to report that he does a lot of portraits, commercial work, weddings, fashion, portfolios, seniors, and even underwater projects. He says "I not afraid to take on any new assignments. I understand people, business, photo technology and technique. I even have created my own styles which my clients are already recognizing. I haven't shifted to fulltime just yet. That may be next. In part this will happen thanks to NYIP!"
Reehan Hoossein, Oman
Congratulations to Reehan who had his photos of the 2011 World Fireworks Championship which was held in Oman, published in the pyrotechnics magazine, 76 Pyro. Reehan's photos were on the cover as well as in an article on the Championship and in a separate feature on the back page.


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Photo Marketing 101: Growing Your Brand

Welcome back to Photo Marketing 101, our semi-weekly blog series on marketing yourself as a photographer. In our last post, we discussed some basic ways to use Twitter and Facebook to promote yourself and your work.

Over the next couple of posts I will start to introduce some marketing and advertising ideas that photographers can use to spread the work, and grow a brand. Some will require some investment from you up front, others will not.

One of the big decisions that many of you will have to make is whether or not to spend money on marketing, and when to do it. We’re getting closer to the point where testing some more direct forms of advertising might be a worthwhile endeavor. That will require you to take some chances, and spend some money.

But this week, we keep it free. Here goes:


We’ve previously covered the notion that you need to have a website to promote and sell your work. And if you do, you should also be blogging as well. A blog provides the perfect platform to connect your social media presence to your website, and write about photography in a way that makes you accessible, while displaying your expertise. You can get started on any number of blogging platforms; Squarespace, Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr. Blog about your work, about your life, about photography in general. It will open up a whole new way of communicating with potential customers.


Enter them. Photo contests are all around us. There are online contests hosted by a variety of companies and organizations. Many are open to the public. Some are free, others have a fee to enter. My advice is to enter as many contests as you can handle. Winning a prize in a contest is a great way to get noticed, and can be used to promote your work on your website. NYIP frequently posts about photo contest opportunities, but you should research on your own to find the ones that makes the most sense to you.

Become a Media Source

When your name is referenced in an article, those people who read it will immediately know that you are an authority on the subject. When this happens online, you’ll often get a link back to your website which will help your search engine rankings and drive traffic to the site. The trick is getting in touch with reporters at the right time. HARO is an email list designed to do just that, connect journalists with sources for their work. It’s completely free to sign up and start receiving the emails. When the emails come in, they will present you with a long last of needs posted by journalists all over the country. See one you think you could contribute to? There is an email provided to get in contact with the writer. Sign up today.

In the next edition of this series, we will cover some opportunities which may require spending money up front to make them work.

Homework: Your homework this week is to pick one of the 3 ideas discussed above and do it. Then use the comments below to tell us all about it.  Share the URL of your blog, let us know what contests you’ve entered, or tell us you signed up for HARO. Better yet, do all THREE!


Inside a Magazine Cover (Product) Photo Shoot

Peter Belanger

San Francisco commercial and advertising photographer Peter Belanger describes the process of putting together a cover photo for Macworld as being a lot longer and difficult than it seems in the follow time-lapse video. Time-lapse photography captures 12 hours in a 30-second interval, which Peter accomplished with his Canon 5D Mark II and a 24mm-70mm zoom. Peter notes that this video didn't cover the actual cover meetings and the creation of sample layouts, always a longer and more challenging process than one would think. Today's mix of photography, photoshop, and design is taking camera arts to new heights, and it was good to see this process so well presented in video form. Check out Peter Belanger's blog to go behind the scenes of his fascinating shoots. 



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NYIP Contest Watch

NYIP's Contest Watch provides information on international, national and regional photo contests that you might want to enter. Here are the lastest photography contests to check out:

One Life: an International Photo Contest 

The prizes are great for this photo contest - $10K in cash, an exhibit, worldwide exposure - but the entry fee is steep at $10 a picture so you'll want to carefully consider whether to enter or not. You can submit entries into People, Place, Things, or Ideas, basically anything that according to the contest officials "illuminates your perspective: what you love, your travels, or anything that reflects your world and experience." If you've got images along those lines and the entry fees don't scare you away, this could be your ticket to the big time... Enter by July 29th.

This contest, run by The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, a British organization, is free to enter. They are looking for photos that are "are creative, resonant, original and beautiful. Subjects include wildlife and marine life, environmental degradation, street photography and urban lifestyles, technology, landscapes and portraiture." There are some pretty specific guidelines for each category so I urge you to read the contest rules carefully. The winners will share a  £5,000 prize as well as participate in an exhibition and be published in the magazine WEM. The deadline is July 31st.
The Society of Sport and Event Photographers (SEP) is holding their 5th Cover contest. To enter, submit up to five sport, event or action images. The deadline is August 29th and the winner receives a one-year membership to SEP, along with a feature in Action News and their winning image on the cover. You don't need to be a member of SEP to enter and there's no entry fee. Images must be unpublished and you'll need model releases, so head on over to their Web site for all the pertinent rules.

This isn't just a photo contest - it's actually a contest looking for a photo of "a small business that embodies the passion and innovation that makes America great." But, if you are the photographer who submits the photo that best illustrates that business, by popular vote, you'll win a trip for two to Washington, D.C. So, if you know a business that fits the bill, take a shot at entering this contest. You have until July 13th.

 For tips on how to enter and win photo contests, check out's Contest Tip Collection.


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Holy Cow! That's a lot of Fireworks!

The 4th of July is a great time of year. Each and every year, NYIP releases updated tips for photographing Fireworks. And this year is no different.

We recently launched the our world famous fireworks photography tips article on the website. But this year, we decided to do something different. We asked our Facebook Fans and Forum members to share with us where they would be watching the fireworks this year. And below, is a map we compiled of their responses.

Enjoy the Fourth! Enjoy your weekend! And if you are near enough to a fireworks display to see them, we hope you come back and share any pictures with us!

To view the map, click the button below.

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