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NYIP Contest Watch

NYIP's Contest Watch provides information on international, national and regional photo contests that you might want to enter. Here are the lastest photography contests to check out:

Sony The Art of Expression Photo & Video Contest 

Outodoor Photographer Magazine in conjuction with Sony are presenting this contest. You can win on of four Sony cameras plus have your winning image published in both Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo magazines. There are three photography categories you can enter: One World In Focus; The Expressive Portrait; and  All About Light, plus The Narrative Video category for videos. You'll want to head on over to the Web site, not only to learn more about the contest, but also to pick up some great tips from world-renowned photographers in videos created specially for this contest. The deadline is July 13, 2011.

This contest challenges photographers to capture an image of workplace safety and health and share it with OSHA. The goal of the contest is to kick off a national collaboration to raise awareness of workplace safety and health. Prizes will be awarded for the most outstanding portrayals of occupational safety and health in terms of artistic value and ability to raise awareness of safety and health to the general public. Check out their Web site for more specific criteria. Winners will have their images appear on the Labor Dept. Web site as well as having their images on display at OSHA and receive certificates.
 United Airlines in conjunction with Amigos de las Americas have launched their seventh Annual United Latin America Photo Contest and are looking for photos that capture the beauty and character of Latin America. You could win two coach-class round-trip tickets on United to a destination in Latin America. Just submit your photos of Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua Panama or Peru by June 15th.

Yes, that's right! It's a hot dog photo contest! It is summer, after all! According to the Council, ""The hot dog is ready for its close-up and we need America to help us give it the attention it deserves." Enter your photo into three categories: People noshing on their favorite dogs; Places – images of hot dog restaurants and/or photos of hot dogs being served and enjoyed in unique locations; Hot Dog Art – images of creative creatures, scenes and anything else inspired by and featuring the hot dog. You could win a $250 grocery store gift card plus have your winning photo on the Council's Web page.

 For tips on how to enter and win photo contests, check out's Contest Tip Collection.


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So Where Will Polaroid Be Five Years from Now?

Lady Gaga/Twitter

We can't help but nod our heads in approval as Polaroid, an old imaging company, continues to reinvent itself. Focusing on the immediacy of Polaroid's products and social media mania, the company is unleashing a new website look, new Grey Label products, and relationships like their new long-term collaboration with photographer/director Chase Jarvis. It helps that iconic performer Lady Gaga, the queen of all social media, is the company's new Creative Director - and we're looking forward to seeing what more's in store as Polaroid gets us backstage at New York City's fashion runways, shares fan images from top pop concerts, and pursues other of-the-moment, artistic directions.



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How to fold a reflector in two easy steps


Do you struggle to fold up your reflector after a shoot?  Based on the emails we receive here at NYIP, it's a common issue.  Thankfully, we have a solution for you! In less than 90 seconds this video explains exactly how its done. 


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Photo Marketing 101: Make Your Website Great!

The third time’s the charm. And hopefully for me, this entire series of photo marketing blog posts have been charming enough to get you thinking about all the things you can do to stand out from the competition.

In the last edition of Photo Marketing 101, we covered an introduction to creating a website, why it’s important, and how easy it can be to get started. To follow up on that topic, I wanted to use this post to discuss how you can make your website stand out from the millions of photography websites on the web.

Lesson 3: Optimizing your website

Having a website is one thing, and a very important first step as it already puts you ahead of the curve.  But nowadays, there are tried and true methods of improving your website so that it gets the attention of potential clients and customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of making your website more visible in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Since a large majority of new visitors will find you via search, it is important to rise to the top of the rankings when someone is looking for a photographer with your skills.

Know the terms that people will use when searching for you. Broad terms like ‘photographer’ will be tough to gain ground in because there is a lot of competition, so be specific. ‘Portrait photography in Philadelphia’ or ‘New York wedding photographer’ are terms that give you a chance to really move the needle. The more specific you get, the fewer people will be searching on that term, but the more likely you’ll be to jump up to page 1 in the rankings.  And page 1 is an important goal in SEO, because it puts you front and center when someone is looking for you.

Once you have a set of 10-20 keywords you’d like to target, the next step is to work them into your website.  Use them in text, in photo captions, in links to other pages on your site, as page titles, etc. The more they show up, the better.  This is basically a simple way of telling search engines, “Here is what my site is about”.

Other things to keep in mind, that will also help you improve your search engine rankings, are site speed and inbound links.  Make sure your photos are loading quickly; otherwise the entire website will get a slow page loading time.  Upload files that are large enough to display clearly, but small enough to load quickly and easily.

Inbound links, meaning links coming to your website from other places, are another important factor in SEO.  The more links coming to you, the more it tells search engines that your site is important.  In part 4 of my Photo Marketing series, we will discuss how you can use Social Media to help increase your inbound links.  See you then…

Homework: Your assignment, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to put some thought into your keywords.  Choose up to 5 keywords for which you think your website can rank on page #1 in Google, and share them with us in the comments below!


Photographer Combines Street and Business Smarts


Photographer Scott Hugh Mitchell  carried a camera with him on his urban street walks ever since he was 14 – and he hasn’t stopped shooting still or video images ever since. We were drawn to this Adorama Camera video interview of the photographer, the youngest Hasselblad Photographer of the Month ever, because he’s insanely articulate about his education, training, and career path. You’ll be inspired by his dedication, drive, and vision.


Mitchell, now based in New York, attended school in San Diego and did much of his early shooting on the streets of Los Angeles. He’s drawn to street images and street art, as his “Graffiti Project” video (below) clearly demonstrates.