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Photos as Painkillers


A scientist friend emailed me the link to this article, in Scientific American, and I felt it must be shared with the photography community as well.  Talk about the healing power of photography! This brings it to a whole new level, and has also been scientifically proven.  Like so many scientific discussions today, there will be naysayers, and those who admamantly deny it is true.  I for one, believe there is validity behind the statement. 

The jist of the research is that simply looking at a photo of a loved one can reduce the sensation of physical pain.  In fact, the photos proved just as effective as actually touching their partner. Sounds like a great reason to carry some photos in your wallet. 


I'm curious to hear your take on these findings.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments. 


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NYIP Student Success

Many NYIP members have won prestigious awards in contests and photo fairs or have had their work exhibited in galleries. Other NYIP members are building careers shooting weddings, press events, corporate and commercial assignments, or have received professional recognition and publication of their photos. Here are some recent NYIP success stories:
Martina Abreu Mitchell, NY
Congratulations to Martina, an NYIP graduate from 2000,  who opened Mitchell Photo Studio in Gowanda, New York, specializing in portraits of seniors, newborns and moms-to-be. 


Jason M. Schulz, NC

Jason has been very busy working at his photography career. He started ReaLife Productions in 2010 and has been taking portraits and photographing weddings. Jason says he really enjoys working with children and infants and that the "look on a parent's face when they see how I have captured their children's unique qualities is a treasure that makes my job a lot of fun." Jason also works for as a royalty free stock photographer where he has almosty 700 images for sale.
Christina Lloyd, VA
Congratulations to Christina who won 2nd Place at the 2010 VA State Fair in the Scenic/Architectural category.
Tom  Freudenstein, NY


Tom used his NYIP Press pass (which students in our Complete Course in Professional Photography receive) to photograph the 2010 New York Village Halloween Parade. He received a request from Processional Arts, who make puppets for the parade, asking for a permission to publish one of Tom's picture's on their Web site.  They told Tom that "Good images are very hard to come by, and we truly value those few photographers who can capture ephemeral Carnivalesque moments with such a keen eye." Congratulations!


Jennifer Lebo, PA


Jennifer is running her own portraiture business, Jen Lebo Photography in Pottstown, PA. She takes natural light, on location portrait photography and specializes in children and family photographs. As a sole proprietor, she does all the photographic work as well editing, marketing, selling her services to good success. Jennifer had approximately 50 families book sessions this past year!


Christopher Correia, MA

Christopher Correia is still working on his NYIP Complete Course in Professional Photography but he says the Course "has truly helped me expand my love for photography in a business aspect. I now have my own Web site - CJC Photography - and and have been doing work such as portraiture and bridal showers. Most recently I did a maternity photoshoot and will be doing a bridal shower next month. I was also working parttime at Lifetouch Sportography taking individual and team photos at little league games."


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A Very Animated Oscars

For all you photographers who are toying with turning your sights to animation, you need look no further for inspiration than the list of finalists for the Oscars in the animated shorts category . If you're in New York City, you can see all the finalists and two films that received a special commendation at the IFC Center through Thursday, the 24th. Then you can vote for your choices online, and tune in to the Academy Awards on Sunday, the 27th to see if your favorites win.

(image from "The Lost Thing," by Shaun Tan)

Some of the films are magical explorations of imaginary lands and universal human emotions, such as the Australian entry, The Lost Thing, with delightful drawings. One film, Madagascar: Carnet de Voyage, by Bastien Dubois, is about the very real place, with super-mobile animation of gorgeous water colors. Each film shows off yet another way that animation can bring film to life.


 (image from "Madagascar: Carnet de Voyage" by Bastien Dubois)

For more about the films being shown at IFC, take a look at the IFC site, where you'll find synopses as well as showtimes.




The State of Things: John Beech at Peter Blum Gallery

Some photographers shoot in order to expose, explicate, make visible that which is hidden. The artist John Beech’s aim is a little different: he seems to use his large-format photographs to talk about the hidden that’s in plain view, and he plays with concepts of revelation and disappearance.


Beech uses tape---in wide, painterly gestures---to obscure large swaths of photographs, leaving the viewer to contemplate that which is not seen. The photographs, all black and white, have a somewhat ominous cast to them, as if we’re looking at a crime scene but aren’t allowed to see the whole picture.


Beech says that the technique of using tape over the photograph is “a way to have a drawing on top of an image.


“And it’s point to the fact that even if you could see the whole photographic image you wouldn’t  have a full understanding,” of what’s going on in the scene.


Beech’s show, titled "The State of Things" and currently up at the Peter Blum Gallery on West 29th Street in New York until March 19 , includes sculptures and other works. Like much contemporary art, the work requires the viewer to look beyond the surface: “It’s not really about gathering information, it’s about presence,” Beech says.


For details about the show, visit

(all images here courtesy of the artist and Peter Blum Gallery, New York)






Help Jacob Spend a $50 Photo Store Gift Certificate

Ok, here's the deal.  Jacob, the NYIP Director of Operations received a $50 Gift Certicate to B&H Photo.  He's looking for suggestions on how to spend it.  There are only two stipulations.


1) The item can't exceed $50

2) He doesn't need any more memory cards


So what would you buy?  Let us know in the comments.  Jacob appreciates your help

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