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Photography Career Advice from Pro JD Howell

London travel photograph by JD Howell
At the New York Institute of Photography, we've trained thousands of photographers - likely more than any other school - and we know that one of the best ways to "commence" from amateur photographer status to professional is by listening to the advice of those photographers in your community who have achieved a modicum of success. They've made mistakes, experimented, and as JD Howell explains in this short, but excellent video from McMaster University student/photographer Sarah Janes, the pros have benefitted from "happy accidents." So one of the best ways you can continue your education in photography is to be a listener, a sponge (absorbing everything), and practice until the moves you make with your gear become instinctual.


We're the New York Institute of Photographya distance education school teaching photography since 1910 - over 100 years of knowledge and experience. Listen to the following podcast to learn more about who we are and what we do.




First Time Photo Tips from NYIP’s Facebook Fans

The other day we posed the question, "What's the first piece of advice you'd give to someone who is new to photography?” on the NYIP Facebook page. The responses we got back were so great that we just had to share them with you.

Here they are, in all their glory:

Richard L. It's all in the settings.

Matt Kramarik Get a 2nd job for all the money you are going to spend!! lol

Sam DVeight Hope you have a LOT of money :)

Pauline Dudley watch your framing!

Rebecca Knoblauch Persistence and determination is a must!

Carol Locklar Rouse Ok, learn the camera....

Oscar Rivera Get to know your equipment

Olya Krasavina LOOK!

Belino Mecalco Jr Use your imagination !!!!

Brian Hochmuth Read the manual and learn what every button on your camera does.

Avish Ramgolam Understand what makes a good picture, try to express his inner emotions through the simple photography rules

Fani Tsioumpekou Always make sure you 've put film in your camera :-p

Rachel Susann Follow your heart.

Michelle Stark Shoot, shoot and shoot some more. You will only learn by making mistakes, so make them!

Cătălin Munteanu be inspired!

Brownie Izaguirre Google common sense questions.

Delphia Holland Lynch Get to know your camera first!!

Matt Zick You don't need to have expensive equipment to make nice pictures.

Tommy Wilkerson Stay away from auto setting and shoot RAW.

Aurora Contreras dont go crazy buying expensive gear...learn how to use what you have first!! The camera or the lenses wont make you a good photographer.

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