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Total Lunar Eclipse Visible in North America

Weather permitting, a total eclipse of the Moon will be visible in most of North America on December 20th and 21st. The eclipse will start in the early morning of Tuesday December 21st for observers in the eastern United States, and late the evening of Monday December 20th in the West.  This is an exciting event for astronomers and it can provide great opportunities for photographers to take some stunning lunar eclipse photos as well.

“We've waited almost three years for a total lunar eclipse — the last one was in February, 2008, and there won’t be another on in North America until April 15, 2014, just as we’re filing our 2013 taxes,” noted Chuck DeLaney, Director of the New York Institute of Photography. “Photographing the moon is relatively easy compared to other celestial bodies, because it's – astronomically speaking - close to the earth.”

Unlike solar eclipses that run the risk of damage to the eye, a camera with a long lens and a tripod are all that’s necessary to record this intriguing celestial event.  Complete instructions and tips (bring a flashlight and wear warm clothing) on photographing both the unobstructed full moon and the lunar eclipse are available on the Web site of the New York Institute of Photography at

DeLaney noted, “What better way to enjoy a winter’s evening than to be out in the fresh night air watching a rare event that has brought wonder to human kind since we started looking up at the night sky?  Today’s digital cameras make it easy for photographers to record this amazing event.”

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