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Our Favorite 3 Photographs - Michelin Man, Red Bears & Flying Men

Current events and the art world have been bursting with fantastic photographic images lately, and we've selected our Favorite 3 Photos that have come to our attention during the past week. Click on the links or the photos to see the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories.


  • Takanori Alba's Hotel de Michelin
  • Jordanian Valentine's Day Faces 
  • New York City Men-in-the-Air Stunt


  • Have you ever in your life seen something so fantastic! Japanese sculpture/artist fantasy worlds are brought to life in 3D. Photos and Art: Takanori Alba


    The woman's somber face surrounded by smiling soft toys for Valentine's Day - and the pops of red and black - grabs visual attention. Photo: REUTERS / Majed Jaber


    Many people in NYC saw three men flying through the air, but these remote-controlled "flying men" were actually PR stunts to gain attention for a new movie launch (it worked!). Photo: Thinkmodo


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    King of the Cardboard Camera

    Hyperbole Studio's Kiel Johnson has a mania for designing 3D sculptural forms, and he's turned his attention several times to designing cardboard cameras. Shown above is one of his SLR 1 creations, and in the following video, you'll see his step-by-step, time-lapse creative process in putting together a cardboard twin lens reflex camera. He even turned it into a pinhole camera and took pictures that you can see here. 

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