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NYIP Student Success: Carmel Vitullo 

Yet another example of an NYIP grad who went on to do great things, Carmel Vitullo (pictured right) was a painting major who never believed she was “good enough” as a painter to pursue that passion—despite a self portrait she loved and accidentally left behind in a move. Trained in painting at the famed Rhode Island School of Design, she later studied at the New York Institute of Photography in the 1940s in order to pursue her other artistic passion. Inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, she became a follower of the artistic imperatives of showing space and time in her work.

Carmel’s huge photographic break came when some of her snapshots were displayed in the influential 1955 post-war exhibit The Family of Man at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. Her exhibited image “Grand Central Station” (pictured below) established her identity as a quick-witted, spontaneous photographer—she was running to catch a train when she readied her camera and photographed tired refugees waiting to be transported to a relocation center. Three of her works are part of MOMA’s permanent collection. Carmel Vitullo has photographed neighborhoods, everyday life, people, and events during her long and storied career, capturing places in time for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Her works are an important part of photographic history, and their beauty is captivating.

Please find some of these wonderful photographs attached below, followed by a podcast of her interview with Bert Gallery in 2010.


Grand Central Station, Carmel Vitullo

Providence Waterfront, Carmel Vitullo

Butcher Shop, Carmel Vitullo

Pizza Place, Carmel Vitullo

Resting, Carmel Vitullo



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