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Grand Central Terminal Celebrates its 100th Birthday

Friday marked the 100th anniversary of the opening of the magnificent Grand Central Terminal in New York City. As a commuter, I travel to and from Grand Central twice a day during the week and I must admit that I take the splendid sprawling structure for granted a great deal of the time. As I hurry past to catch the next train, I regard the tourists wandering around or staring open mouthed at the magnificent ceiling with annoyance, viewing them as an obstacle constantly threatening to impede my progress. Perhaps this is a little bit of the New Yorker attitude settling in, but when I take a moment to reflect, I can certainly understand why people visiting GCT for the first time are so awe struck by it. As a homage to the great building, I have put together a slideshow out of the compilation of images created by Alan Taylor in his In Focus photo article, Grand Central Terminal Turns 100. The slideshow is comprised of memorable photos taken of Grand Central since it was first built. Enjoy. 
For information on the ongoing Centennial Celebration, click here

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