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Photographer Bruce Dale Captures a Halloween Festival

The exceptional work of former National Geographic photographer Bruce Dale has come together with video on the following Halloween Festival production he put together. Shot on Halloween 2010 with a Lumix FH1 and GH2 cameras with 14-140 lens, the photographer also used a 45mm f2.8 lens for some of the portraits.

The Halloween Festival was shot in the countryside of Rappahannock County, Virginia. The event was filmed on the Stone Hill Farm, with border collies, sheep, bagpipers, and a dramatic play providing the entertainment - with a symbolic "sacrifice" at dusk.

Halloween provides all photographers with a wealth of imagery to capture, from a single child's trick-or-treating escapades to parades and costumed revelry. Take your camera with you as you explore creative opportunities on Halloween eve to add some colorful and atmospheric pieces to your portfolio.


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Short Film Project: The Halloween Kid

If you love Halloween and horror films, then this short film project, The Halloween Kid, is your cup of tea ... and that's appropriate because this is a UK project, too. 

Writer-director Axelle Carolyn is a Halloween fanatic, as you'll see in the following video shot for sponsors. As a photographer or videographer, it's likely you'll one day want to put together your own short film project - the usual preliminary step to hitting the film circuit, winning awards, and creating larger feature projects. Good luck to you - and Axelle - as you dream big with your photography and videography projects. 

For more information about the project, and even how you could help raise funds to complete its budget, go to The Halloween Kid project summary on (they've raised almost all of their project monies, but there's still a bit more to go, and a more days in October to raise the funding). 


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