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NYIP Profile: Marc Shur's 'Sign Language' 

In light of the fact that we at the New York Institute of Photography recently had the signs in our hallway replaced, we felt it'd be apprpriate to show you some stunning photographs of really old-school signs. 

Designer and art director Marc Shur was looking to take up a new creative hobby in his free time. Haphazardly, he settled on taking pictures of cool old-fashioned signs that he saw in Southern and Central California. "As an art director, I’ve long been fascinated with old shop signs, their typography and design, as well as midcentury architecture and product design," says Shur. "I didn't consciously start shooting signs with this motivation; it just sort of developed over the last year." He edits his photos using Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom but rarely adds any effects to the signs themselves. "I try to approach each sign uniquely, not in a cookie cutter process, and I try to do something conceptually engaging." To read more about Shur and his photography, click on the attached link: California Dreamin’: Marc Shur’s Vintage Sign Photography

Fans of his work can buy prints on his website, Marc Shur Photography. Here is a sample of the breathtaking images on display. Enjoy.

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