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Hurricane Irene, Meet Big Storm Photographer Jim Edds!

Photo: Jim Edds Do you have a favorite Hurricane Irene story to relate? If you're an East Coaster, you're likely to be talking about this big storm for years to come. And if you're photographer Jim Edds, you probably got out into the thick of it and shot photographs.

Jim falls into several categories: adrenaline junkie, happy professional photographer, and proud graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. His road to photo fulfillment was a rocky one, however. When his research chemist position in the paint industry moved from the perfect beach location in Pensacola, FL, Jim decided not to follow. His eight months of unemployment “convinced me that life is too short not to do what you loved for a living.”

Edds had always enjoyed underwater photography, and he found an Environmental Specialist position with the Department of Environmental Regulation in the Florida Keys. He began to photograph
underwater subjects in earnest while enrolling in his NYIP course. 

“That course was key to my future success as a working Pro. At NYIP they teach you all forms of photography—not just outside.”

Jim now embraces photography for a living, and he chases hurricanes, waterspouts, freediving teams, and extreme weather subjects. His still and video work has been published in a wide range of outlets, including National Geographic, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Outside, Maxim, Discovery Channel, ABC News, Fox News, and The Travel Channel.

Here's a dramatic photo Jim just took of the eye of Hurricane Irene from Hope Town, Bermuda.

The following video includes some of Jim's footage, provided to the National Hurricane Center for this piece on Hurricane Storm Surge.


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