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Photos as Painkillers


A scientist friend emailed me the link to this article, in Scientific American, and I felt it must be shared with the photography community as well.  Talk about the healing power of photography! This brings it to a whole new level, and has also been scientifically proven.  Like so many scientific discussions today, there will be naysayers, and those who admamantly deny it is true.  I for one, believe there is validity behind the statement. 

The jist of the research is that simply looking at a photo of a loved one can reduce the sensation of physical pain.  In fact, the photos proved just as effective as actually touching their partner. Sounds like a great reason to carry some photos in your wallet. 


I'm curious to hear your take on these findings.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments. 


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Who Inspires You?

We recently asked the NYIP Twitter community who their photographic inspiration is.  Besides Ansel Adams with six votes, the results were incredibly diverse.  If you're unfamiliar with some of the names below, take a few minutes to click and check out their work. 


Ansel Adams

Peter Lik

Tom Ford

Mario Testino

David Lachapelle

Annie Leibovitz

W. Eugene Smith

Jasmine Star

Jamie Delaine

Katelyn James

Pierre Gonnord

James Wong Howe

Yousuf Karsh

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Jim Marshall

Henry Cartier-Bresson

Monte Zucker

Bryan Peterson

Robert Doisneau

Jared Polin

Howard Huang

Brian Hampton

Jim Brandenburg

Joe McNally

Art Wolfe

Josef Schneider

Sarah Bloom

William Eggleston

Richard Avedon

Helmet Newton


Not everyone listed was a photograher.  Some other responses included family, friends, & nature.  If you would like to add to the list, feel free to enter it in comments.


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