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Electrify a Blog with Your Great Photography

Josh Leo is one of my blogging heroes. He's taken his video camera around the world, and produced some of the most well-paced body of videos I've ever seen in a travel blog. Josh captures a sense of story with his shots, and you get to experience his personal reactions to what he encounters, whether it's explaining the rationale for visiting a specific location or confessing his weakness for local pastries.
I selected one of his videos on the beautiful mountain-lakeside town of Halstatt, Austria to illustrate his strong sense of story and his superb visual rhythm, synchronizing his cuts and pacing with well-chosen pieces of music. If you like to take photographs and/or videos, jump into the blogging waters and splash around. Blogs are wonderful venues for showing off your work, allowing you to explain what went on in the real world outside of the photograph, and giving you an opportunity to fully express yourself through your passion.

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