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Is a Photography Book in Your Future?

A show of hands out there - how many of you would like to have your photographs published in book form? This used to be a difficult proposition. When New York Institute of Photography graduate Ernest Cole left his native South Africa back in the early 1960s, he carried with him devastating images of apartheid; they led to a ground-breaking book of his work from publishing giant Random House (House of Bondage, 1967). Today's publishing process offers far more options to photographers. You can wait to get tapped by Big Publishing, or you can self-publish and turn your photographs into a themed book. Self-published, print-on-demand books make good instant portfolios for the photography professional. And as you'll see from the following video, some even win prizes, like German photographer Judith Stenneken's Last Call, a photo essay of the last days of an old Berlin airport.  

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