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Equipment: An Essential Digital Tool or Totally Unnecessary?

If you're not shooting in black and white right now, we encourage our online photography course students to try your hand at it. But many photographers prefer to shoot in color, and then use their image-editing software, the digital lightroom, to change an image to black and white and enhance the tonal values. But for about a year now we've had the Leica M Monochrom, designed to "create authentic monochrome photography in digital form," billed as the first digital 35 mm camera developed for the sole purpose of shooting in black and white. Its features include

  • Full-format sensor
  • No color filters
  • Truer black-and-white images
  • Strong sharpness and dynamic range

Is this the perfect tool for the art and everyday photographer? Is this something you would want to add to your photographer's bag, or would you prefer to use Photoshop or a similar lightroom tool to start with RAW color and work from there? Are you a current user and, if so, what has your experience been with the camera? (Click here to read one photographer's personal review.)



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