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Books for Photographers - 3 Novels We're Reading Now

Not every book with a photography theme has to have photographs in it. We're currently reading three novels that have intriguing connections to photography, without having to be in and of themselves "photo books."

Eight Girls Taking Pictures by Whitney Otto - A fantastic panorama of intersecting lives, cultures, and destinies, this confidently written novel paints an amazing picture of photography and feminism over the spread of the 20th century. Ms. Otto is an avid collector of photo books. "Photography is the ideal marriage of art and technology," she said recently, and her fascination with the medium shines through in her work.

The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders is a graphic novel that combines photography with art. It's pretty incredible (see sample page below).

And then there's Night Zero. NZ isn't exactly a novel (they call it a "photographic novel"), and it's not in book form. It's an online serial that combines photography with a storyline; like a film, it's delivered in installments. And the subject is zombies and the post-apocalypse. Good times.

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