NYIP offers three distance education multi-media courses for photographers looking to improve their skills while working from home at their own pace.

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NYIP Profile: Floyd Crosby

Floyd Crosby behind the camera on the set of the 1954 film Oklahoma!
Floyd Delafield Crosby (1899-1985) was an American cinematographer and one of a long list of distinguished NYIP graduates who has gone on to make important contributions to his/her field. Over the course of his career, Crosby took part in the cinematography of more than 100 feature length films and was awarded an Academy Award for cinematography in 1931, for his work on the film Tabu. He was also a member of the United States Army Air Corps during WWII, where he made pilot training films. Crosby later received a Golden Globe for cinematography for the 1952 Western High Noon. Here are a couple of beautiful stills from both Tabu and High Noon:    


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NYIP Student Successes

Many NYIP members have won prestigious awards in contests and photo fairs or have had their work exhibited in galleries. Other NYIP members are building careers shooting weddings, press events, corporate and commercial assignments, or have received professional recognition and publication of their photos. Here are some recent NYIP success stories:
 Sandy Tyler, New York
Congratulations to Sandy who just published a children's book called "Herkimer's Big Day." Sandy says that the "images submitted to me by my illustrator weredone freehand and the colors were dull. I was able to enhance all of the images through my experience as a beginner using Photoshop. I am only half way through NYIP's Digital Photography Course and I have already gained so much. Thank you NYIP." If you are interested in purchasing "Herkimer's Big Day", it's available on Amazon.

Antoinette Addison, California
Congratulations to Antoinette whose photo "Pure Love" won first prize in the Wild Wings competition run by the Wildling Art Museum. Antoinette took the photo of the two King penguins on the Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia. It will be on display at the museum as part of an exhibit on birds. Antoinette says she "could not take a decent photo for love nor money until I started your course -- it is nothing short of a miracle!! Thank you NYIP!"

Scott P. Baker, Ohio
Scott's photo of a controlled Fire Department burn of an abandoned house in Northwood, Ohio was published in the local weekly newspaper, The Press. Scott says that the main photographer for the paper is an NYIP graduate. Congratulations, Scott!

Marcio Silva,Massachusetts
Marcio has had terrific success selling his photographs to various micro stock photo agencies including iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia, and Photospin. He has over 2000 images, mostly travel, nature and macro photos, placed with these stock agencies. In fact he's made so much money selling stock images that he's been able to purchase two new cameras and over a dozen lenses with money from his sales! Marcio recently started working with a wedding studio in Lowe, Massachusetts as well.


Nora Devane, North Dakota

 Nora recently participated in a art show in Chicago and was thrilled to report that she sold a print of her photo, "Rays of Hope."

Ray and Linda Whiting, Oregon
Ray and Linda are both students in the NYIP Professional Course and have had photographs and articles published in the local weekly newspaper, the Douglas County News. But having that success took quite a bit of perserverence according to Ray. "I was looking through the NYIP photo assignments and saw that I needed a newsworthy picture, and my son was leading the Cub Scouts on their annual pine wood derby. So I decided to see if he would let me cover it.  After I got done I called one of the local papers and was turned down because the pictures looked posed (some were the awards and final group) but after moping a bit I decided to try another and they also wanted me to write an 4-5 hundred word article for it so I did. The next day after turning in the article the editor called and wanted us to do an assignment at the senior center in town about a wood carvers annual show. So we did it and the 500 word article. Both were on the front page of the paper.We did not get paid for it but it was a lot of fun and seeing our stuff in the paper was a great rush."
Robin Thompson, Colorado
Robin's beautiful photo of birch trees framing autumn color won First Place and the People's Choice award in the Parachute, Colorado "Anything Goes" Art Show. Robin says the awards "came as a shock to me because I had entered for fun, but was pleasantly surprised by the win and even more excited to win the People's Choice award since that meant that the general public enjoyed my photograph. Thank you NYIP for knowledge necessary to produce this winning image!"

Peter Bednarz, Virginia
Peter won second place in an online photo contest for his photo of waterdroplets on a watch. He says he's glad he took the NYIP course since his confidence has improved so much that he's hoping to start making money this summer photographing family reunions. Congrats and Good Luck!

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New York Institute of Photography Launches Alumni Association for NYIP Graduates

New York, NY – July 30, 2012

On July 30th, the New York Institute of Photography answered the calls of thousands of graduates when they launched the NYIP Alumni Association. For the first time, NYIP-certified photographers all over the world will be invited to join a private online community developed especially for them.

Founded in 1910 in New York City, NYIP is the world’s largest and oldest photography school. The alumni association will offer thousands of graduates all over the world a variety of member benefits, including a social networking community, business listings, a photography job board, webinars and events, and more.

“At NYIP, we’ve always stayed by our commitment to support our students long after they graduate,” said NYIP Director Chuck DeLaney, “and this community is something we hope will benefit our photographers no matter what their goals are in the field.”

For years, photographers who’ve completed one or more of the courses offered by the New York Institute of Photography have asked how they can connect with other alumni. In addition to the opportunity to befriend and learn from their peers, members of the NYIP Alumni Association will be able to sign up for free continuing education opportunities and receive discounts on photography gear and accessories.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said NYIP graduate and student advisor Chris Corradino. “Graduates of the program will benefit greatly from the opportunities they’re given as a member of this community of this exclusive community.”

NYIP graduates who want to learn more should read about the NYIP Alumni Association or contact the school.

About NYIP

The New York Institute of Photography offers three great home-study photography courses. Founded in 1910, NYIP is the oldest and largest photography school in the world, having successfully trained thousands of photographers over more than 100 years. Located in the heart of the art capital of the world, New York City, NYIP brings high quality photography education straight to its students’ doors. NYIP is owned and operated by Distance Education Co., LLC, with two sister schools also located in Manhattan, the Sheffield School and the New York Institute of Career Development.

Apr132012 – Now Open for Business

At NYIP, we don’t like to brag. But we are proud of our school’s long history of providing quality photography education to students all over the world. And in an effort to inform the public on that history, we’ve officially launched a fun new website at

The main purpose of the site is to show off some of the things that don’t get a lot of attention on the primary school website. We’re providing more information on the history of the school, some of our most famous graduates, and some of the members of our staff and faculty that help make the school so great.

NYIP has a long and storied history, including a residential program, an office in Chicago, and a bankruptcy in the mid 70s. And throughout 102 years, we’ve kept our focus and determination on photo education. Learn more about NYIP’s history here.

Just recently we’ve started going back through our records to find out what many of our graduates are up to these days. And what we’ve found has been pretty amazing, even to us. We have some famous alums who have done some incredible things in the field of photography. We’ve featured some of our most famous NYIP graduates here.

And we know that one of the things that sets NYIP apart from other online or distance education photography schools is the personal touch we provide to each student. To highlight that, we wanted to introduce you to some of NYIP’s team members who make that possible.

And a special thanks to all of our students, grads, fans and followers for all your support!