NYIP offers three distance education multi-media courses for photographers looking to improve their skills while working from home at their own pace.

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The Power of Photography Education

The power of photography is something that cannot be denied. Controversial, shocking, mind-blowing, eye-opening, photography can take on many forms. At NYIP, we're always looking for new ways that photography can help the world.

Last week, we were proud to announce a partnership with a group called Keeping the Smile who are using photography to heal.

Keeping the Smile is a project based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their work, to teach photography to children battling cancer at Kenyatta National Hospital as a part of their ongoing treatment. In their first year, they've already worked with 36 children, and they are starting to get more funding from outside sources as we speak.

The project was started and is being run by a man named Boniface Muthoni. We had the pleasure of meeting with Boniface in our offices here in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago, when we signed up for our Complete Course in Professional Photography.

Boniface has promised to keep us up to date on his progress and the growth of his project. We hope to share some of their stories with you here.

You can read the full Keeping the Smile press release about this new partnership on our website, here.


October 25 - November 3: Learn Photography in Italy with NYIP's Chris Corradino

The New York Institute of Photography's Chris Corradino will be teaching a photography workshop in beautiful Tuscany this fall, from October 25 through November 3. We're partnering with Il Chiostro, a U.S. company that produces creative arts workshops in the most beautiful parts of Italy.

This 10-day trip will combine photography, great food and wine, and features other arts workshops besides photography that will appeal to all the adults in your family (Tuscan Cuisine, Italian Opera Appreciation, and Painting: Watercolor and Acrylics). 

This special excursion is Il Chiostro's annual Autumn Arts Festival at the Dievoli Chianti Classico Winery. Tuscany in autumn is a sensual feast you won't want to miss: russet and golden hills, crisp air, trees weighted with olives, woods rich with mushrooms and chestnuts. The scent of grapes hangs over the valleys like mist. The harvest is the soul of the Tuscans, and in autumn the hill towns revert to the locals. Their art is to prepare the bounty: prosciutto, nuts, olive oil, and especially Chianti. Traditional festivals celebrate every phase from the vendemmia (harvesting of grapes for wine) to the wild boar. Music, folklore, dancing in the piazza. Photo opps abound!

And there, in the heart of Tuscany, is nearby Siena. The legendary medieval town is packed with history and art. In autumn, her museums and churches relax, uncrowded. The streets echo her architecture, art and heroes. (Are you seeing your photography portfolio expanding? It most certainly will!) Since 1998, Il Chiostro has celebrated this time of the year in Tuscany with their final program of the year, and we'd love to have you join Chris and the other instructors for workshops and a memorable trip filled with sensual delights.

This excursion will feature photography and other arts workshops in a setting unlike anything you've ever seen before. The people of Dievole Winery have become like family to all Il Chiostro visitors and their guests: Dino roasts the pigs in an oven built in the 1700s, Silvano prepares welcome appetizers to greet you on the first day of arrival, Leonardo waits for you to pick his olives so he can teach you the technique that damages the olives the least, and Chef Enzo creates a magical meal based on the bounty of the season that you can enjoy dining in the vecchia cantina - the historic wine cellar from the original Dievole vineyards.

Click here for more information on Chris Corradino's photography workshop, Designing and Composing Travel Photographs, and see pricing and other information about the excursion. See you soon in Italy!



We're the New York Institute of Photographya distance education school teaching photography since 1910 - over 100 years of knowledge and experience. Listen to the following podcast to learn more about who we are and what we do.



New York Institute of Photography Launches Alumni Association for NYIP Graduates

New York, NY – July 30, 2012

On July 30th, the New York Institute of Photography answered the calls of thousands of graduates when they launched the NYIP Alumni Association. For the first time, NYIP-certified photographers all over the world will be invited to join a private online community developed especially for them.

Founded in 1910 in New York City, NYIP is the world’s largest and oldest photography school. The alumni association will offer thousands of graduates all over the world a variety of member benefits, including a social networking community, business listings, a photography job board, webinars and events, and more.

“At NYIP, we’ve always stayed by our commitment to support our students long after they graduate,” said NYIP Director Chuck DeLaney, “and this community is something we hope will benefit our photographers no matter what their goals are in the field.”

For years, photographers who’ve completed one or more of the courses offered by the New York Institute of Photography have asked how they can connect with other alumni. In addition to the opportunity to befriend and learn from their peers, members of the NYIP Alumni Association will be able to sign up for free continuing education opportunities and receive discounts on photography gear and accessories.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said NYIP graduate and student advisor Chris Corradino. “Graduates of the program will benefit greatly from the opportunities they’re given as a member of this community of this exclusive community.”

NYIP graduates who want to learn more should read about the NYIP Alumni Association or contact the school.

About NYIP

The New York Institute of Photography offers three great home-study photography courses. Founded in 1910, NYIP is the oldest and largest photography school in the world, having successfully trained thousands of photographers over more than 100 years. Located in the heart of the art capital of the world, New York City, NYIP brings high quality photography education straight to its students’ doors. NYIP is owned and operated by Distance Education Co., LLC, with two sister schools also located in Manhattan, the Sheffield School and the New York Institute of Career Development.


First Time Photo Tips from NYIP’s Facebook Fans

The other day we posed the question, "What's the first piece of advice you'd give to someone who is new to photography?” on the NYIP Facebook page. The responses we got back were so great that we just had to share them with you.

Here they are, in all their glory:

Richard L. It's all in the settings.

Matt Kramarik Get a 2nd job for all the money you are going to spend!! lol

Sam DVeight Hope you have a LOT of money :)

Pauline Dudley watch your framing!

Rebecca Knoblauch Persistence and determination is a must!

Carol Locklar Rouse Ok, learn the camera....

Oscar Rivera Get to know your equipment

Olya Krasavina LOOK!

Belino Mecalco Jr Use your imagination !!!!

Brian Hochmuth Read the manual and learn what every button on your camera does.

Avish Ramgolam Understand what makes a good picture, try to express his inner emotions through the simple photography rules

Fani Tsioumpekou Always make sure you 've put film in your camera :-p

Rachel Susann Follow your heart.

Michelle Stark Shoot, shoot and shoot some more. You will only learn by making mistakes, so make them!

Cătălin Munteanu be inspired!

Brownie Izaguirre Google common sense questions.

Delphia Holland Lynch Get to know your camera first!!

Matt Zick You don't need to have expensive equipment to make nice pictures.

Tommy Wilkerson Stay away from auto setting and shoot RAW.

Aurora Contreras dont go crazy buying expensive gear...learn how to use what you have first!! The camera or the lenses wont make you a good photographer.

Click to read more ...


Calling All NYIP Alumni: We’re About to Make You Very Happy

Students and alums have been asking for years why we don’t have an alumni association. And we’re tired of having to come up with excuses.

In just 3 weeks, we will officially launch the NYIP Alumni Association!

We can’t wait, and we know you can’t either. And for those of you who are itching for more information about the who, the what, and the how, some of the basics are below (the stuff I’m allowed to giveaway). But before I do that, I wanted to let you know that we’re giving one lucky reader of this blog post the chance to win a free year’s membership.

How to Win:

  • You must be a student or graduate
  • Share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook
  • Leave a comment below with your Twitter handle or email address

We’ll pick one winner at random next week and let you know.

Benefits of the NYIP Alumni Association:

1. An active social network of photographers all over the world who’ve taken one of NYIP’s photography courses

Facebook and Twitter are great for connecting with everyone and their mothers, but where else can you find a social network devoted to photographers who’ve graduated from your school. In the NYIP Alumni Association, you’ll be able to chat with other photographers around the world, set up groups based on your interests and passions, find people in your area to meetup or network with.

2. Discounts from photography-related retailers and manufacturers

When you’re a student, getting discounts is easy. But after you graduate, people expect you to pay full price. We didn’t think that was fair. So now, NYIP Alumni Association members have access to exclusive discounts from our partners, from Topaz to Multiblitz. It’s like having a student ID card to carry around for life.

3. A nationwide photography job board

One of the things we hear most often from graduates is whether or not we offer any kind of career assistance. The answer is, we’re working on it. And as a starting point, we’ve included a job board as part of the NYIP Alumni Association that lists jobs for photographers all over the country, sortable and searchable by location, pay, and other job details. Find your next big client or get your first big break through the NYIP Alumni Job Board.

4. Free business listings for you and your photography business

Looking for new clients? We can help. When you’re a member of the NYIP Alumni Association, we give you a free listing in our online photography business listings. People can search for and find you for a job, sort based on type of photography or geographic region, and link straight to your website. We get calls all the time from people looking to hire our graduates, and now we have a place to send them. Get your name and business listed today.

5. Webinars and events hosted by NYIP and its partners

Attend live online webinars and live events hosted by NYIP. Webinar topics will range from continuing education in the field, to interviews with professional photographers, to live Q and A with NYIP and it’s partners. Live events will include meetups all over the world, destination photo tours and trips, and live photography seminars in different parts of the country. Members of the Alumni Association will receive free invitations to many webinars and events, and will pay a reduced fee to attend others.